Rakish Prince's Courtship
16 The Imbecile Was a Super Genius Part 2
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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16 The Imbecile Was a Super Genius Part 2

A person's inherent spiritual power could predict how far and how high he could rise in this world that held physical strength and martial arts skills in high esteem.

Therefore, a person's fate usually depended on the Talent Test.

"Put your hand on the crystal ball," Nangong Liuyun instructed Su Luo.

Su Luo took a deep breath, moved one step forward firmly, then slowly put her hand on top of the crystal ball.

All her life, she had already been the infamous imbecile who had zero talent anyway. Would her situation and status turn worse than it currently was because of whatever results that might come from this second test? It wouldn't. That being said, she had nothing to lose and did not need to hold back.

The crystal ball was glittering and translucent like a stretch of fresh spring that could soothe a restless heart.

"Close your eyes and clear your mind. Just send your spiritual power into the crystal ball." Nangong Liuyun's voice was low and gentle, like a creek flowing along slowly. It made Su Luo feel pleasant and at ease.

Su Luo nodded her head slightly. Looking peaceful and relaxed, she had entered another state of mind instinctively.

There were seven crystal prisms erected behind the marble table that the crystal ball was sitting on. Each prism was ten meters high, transparent and sparkling.

At that moment, they were colorless and clear. If the tester's inherent spiritual powers were good enough, the crystal prisms would change their color one by one, starting with the first.

The seven crystal prisms were arranged in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. The color change began with the first prism, and the second orange one would only start to charge if the first red one was filled to the brim.

Just then, Su Luo's spiritual energy began to rush out from her palm like an unstoppable tide.

The crystal ball was lit up and turned brighter and brighter. The blinding brilliance of the ball dazzled their eyes.

Although Nangong Liuyun was standing as still as a statue next to Su Luo, his dark pupils contracted for a second because of what he saw –

In an instant –

A blazing beam of light shot up in the first crystal prism.

Phew. In a split second, the first crystal prism had already been filled with red spiritual energy.

The second orange prism was filled in a flash as well.

Initially, Nangong Liuyun stood at ease with his arms crossed and a vague smile barely discernible at the corner of his mouth. After witnessing the unexpected turn of events, nevertheless, he became restless and fidgety. He stared at the crystal prisms, vibrant-colored and unremittingly changing, in astonishment!

How could Su Luo's spiritual energy accumulate in the crystal prisms at such a high speed!?

Based on what Nangong Liuyun knew, even if a person had exceptional talent, the crystal prisms would only charge at a slow pace like a small stream flowing. He had never seen the energy rocket to the top of the prisms like an arrow.




Phew – Su Luo had filled three crystal prisms in less than a minute. Neither blushing nor breathless, she didn't look like she had reached her limits at all.

Quietly, Nangong Liuyun watched Su Luo shining gloriously in the dazzling light circle. A peculiar look crept into his eyes. The unforeseen development of the situation was beyond his wildest expectations.

Standing calmly, Su Luo had a peaceful smile on her face. She looked fresh and charming like spring sunshine and morning dew. She was so ravishing that Nangong Liuyun couldn't take his eyes off her.

Su Luo had no idea what Nangong Liuyun was thinking about. Nor did she know that her talent had already stupefied him. She was still continuously transferring her spiritual power into the crystal ball.

Green... The green crystal prism was full as well.

Su Luo's spiritual power didn't seem to have any inclination to stop. It swiftly moved on to the cyan prism.

What was going on? Su Luo couldn't wrap her head around it.


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