Rakish Prince's Courtship
19 Heart Already Broken
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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19 Heart Already Broken

The sudden blackout of the crystal ball wounded Su Luo, but her injury was not severe. Her head felt a little groggy, and she experienced occasional pain and spasms. Nonetheless, she didn't tell Nangong Liuyun about her discomfort.

Back at the Su Mansion, Su Luo was lying in bed and thinking back on what had happened that day.

She recalled how she had used a clever trick to kick Su Wan into the lotus pond and to have her drag Su Xi along with her, and how she had instigated a fight between the two sisters and made them suffer a great deal.

While she was reminiscing, his handsome face popped into her mind out of the blue.

Besides his stunning and unparalleled looks and extraordinary talent, he was also an outstanding master of the Martial Doctrine. Although he was a prince revered in the Empire, he pampered her with indulgence. If she was honest, Nangong Liuyun was indeed a superb partner for her.

A faint yet bitter smile tugged at the edges of Su Luo's lips.

So what if Nangong Liuyun was genuine to her? Her heart was broken a long time ago. It had been completely ruined, how could she fall in love with anyone else again?

Yun Qi, how are you doing in the other world? I swallowed the Dragon's Ring when I jumped, so you will never find it. Hehe, do you think Sister Ming would forgive you?

Without warning, a glistening tear rolled off her delicate cheek and dampened the cotton pillowcase.

Yun Qi dealt her an unprecedented blow and mercilessly crushed the faith she always held fast to. Su Luo knew, in this life, it would be extremely difficult for her to love or trust anyone again.

Darkest before the dawn, the night sky seemed to be shrouded by a black veil or looked as if it had thick ink spilled all over it.

Falling asleep, Su Luo didn't realize the day had come so quickly.

In the early morning, the sun climbed up into the sky from far to the east. The first faint rays of dawn stole through the clouds, and the morning glow filled the sky. It seemed to be a gorgeous day with a clear sky and crisp air. However, many people would say the day was Su Luo's doomsday.

After breakfast, Lvluo suddenly rushed into Su Luo's room, panic-stricken with tears in her eyes.

"Young lady, how are you still so calm? A disaster is coming!" The sprint had left Lvluo breathless.

Su Luo poured a glass of water and handed it to Lvluo. "Let's roll with the punches. Panicking doesn't solve problems. We'll take whatever measures the situation calls for. Sip some water and tell me what happened, slowly," she said with a gentle smile.

How could Lvluo find time to drink water? Agitated, she wiped the sweat off her forehead and exclaimed frantically, "Young lady, what should we do now?! The Crown Prince himself came with a group of people this morning and asked to break off his engagement with you!"

Oh? Is it just that? Su Luo initially thought it was something serious. She slowly poured a glass of water for herself and sipped it leisurely as if it was the most precious tea in the world.

Her calm and composed face made Lvluo even more flustered and fidgety. "Young lady! You need to hurry up and think of a way out. You were already bullied constantly while engaged to the Crown Prince. If he broke off the engagement, how could you survive in the future...?"

Lvluo didn't know her cowardly master had been replaced by a strong-willed spirit. She was worried to the point of tears.

Su Luo looked at Lvluo with an amused expression. She told herself that the engagement was going to be annulled sooner or later. Even if the Crown Prince hadn't come to break it off then, she would have brought it up herself at some point in the future. That being said, the Crown Prince's visit this morning was perfectly to her liking. Why would she stop it?

Just then, hurried footsteps sounded outside of the door. An old woman came in. Stony-faced, she shot a glance at Su Luo in disdain and said coldly, "Fourth young lady, Mrs. Su asked you to come to the main hall. She has important issues to discuss with you."

The old woman, called Nanny Gui by other people in the mansion, was Mrs. Su's capable right-hand man. She was a second-rank fighter, and for that reason, she was quite arrogant and bossy. She set herself high above Su Luo as if she was the master while Su Luo was her servant.


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