Rakish Prince's Courtship
20 Utterly Unbelievable
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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20 Utterly Unbelievable

Su Luo gave Nanny Gui a frosty smile. "Wouldn't I lose face if I just blindly followed your orders whenever you summon me?" Based on Su Luo's memory, Mrs. Su was not a kind woman. She and this Nanny Gui had badgered and tormented the original Su Luo so many times that she had lost count.

Nanny Gui sneered in contempt. "Fourth young lady, is this a joke?"

"I never joke." Su Luo crossed her arms in front of her chest. Her face was somber and stern.

Nanny Gui squinted her eyes slightly, and a vicious expression crossed her face. "Since the fourth young lady failed to appreciate Mrs. Su's kindness, then please pardon the maidservant for my affront."

Despite calling herself the maidservant, she didn't have a shred of deference or respect shown on her face. Her following action was even more audacious. She casually moved a few steps forward and came next to Su Luo. Her strong arms reached out to grasp the back of Su Luo's neck like she was catching a chicken.

A cold light flashed in Su Luo's eyes.

Nanny Gui was only a servant. How dare she lay a finger on Su Luo? She's really desperate to get herself killed.

A tinge of excitement shone in Nanny Gui's eyes as her strong hands were about to catch Su Luo. However, just as she was about to grab Su Luo, the situation took a sharp turn!

"Ahh--" A blood-curdling scream escaped Nanny Gui's mouth. Pressing on her wounded right arm, her face was covered with cold sweat due to gut-wrenching pain.

Nanny Gui was suffering for sure. Because Su Luo, an expert in human anatomy, had dislocated her right elbow in one move. The strike was smooth and clean.

Arms crossed, Su Luo glanced aside at Nanny Gui calmly with a mocking smile hanging on the corners of her mouth.

"You, how could you know... This is impossible!" Nanny Gui was caught off balance. She was apparently dumbfounded.

"Oh?" Su Luo's lips curled up contemptuously.

Nanny Gui took a deep breath, in pain. She warned herself again and again that this was a hallucination. It must be an illusion. The fourth young lady was an imbecile. It was impossible for her to learn martial arts. How could she defeat Nanny Gui?

Telling herself it was all in her head, Nanny Gui snickered. "We could have done this the easy way or the hard way. Since the fourth young lady turned down my generosity, don't blame me for offending you!" she said.

Nanny Gui raised her uninjured arm to clutch Su Luo's neck like a vice grip. She didn't believe the weak and feeble fourth young lady could ever possibly get away from her.

All of a sudden, Nanny Gui's vision was blocked. Su Luo's body disappeared right in front of her.

Almost instantaneously, Su Luo lifted her foot and kicked Nanny Gui's plump butt.

It was the same Foshan Shadowless Kick that had sent Su Wan into the lotus pond the day before. The kick was even more powerful now, and it propelled Nanny Gui straight into the wall three meters away.

A loud crash rang out.

The wall was worn down from the years of disrepair. Already frail, it shook violently from the collision. Even though it didn't collapse, plaster rained down. Now, Nanny Gui had lost consciousness from the impact.

Lvluo stood open-mouthed, astonished by Su Luo's abrupt outburst.

"Young, young, young lady?" Lvluo was at a loss for words.

Looking at the young lady who had rendered Nanny Gui senseless with one kick, Lvluo rubbed her eyes hard and couldn't believe what she had seen.

"Emm." Su Luo answered absentmindedly. Resting her chin in one hand, she was thinking over how to deal with the old witch.

According to Su Luo's previous memory, this Nanny Gui tortured her a great deal in the past years. She had even asked the kitchen to send pig slop for Su Luo to eat! When Su Luo was sick, not only had Nanny Gui refused to give her medicine, she had switched what she did give her with urine! The original Su Luo had fought back in anger, but was jabbed by Nanny Gui with thick needles!

An old witch like her deserved to die!

Granted, that the crash just now was enough to knock her out for a couple of days already.


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