Rakish Prince's Courtship
21 Long Awaited Day
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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21 Long Awaited Day

Just at that moment, Su Xi quickly entered through the door. Her face was glowing with joy and happiness.

She wore a pink soft-shell dress. Her slender, graceful figure looked like a budding lotus flower; young, tender, and delicate.

However, the distracting amount of gold and silver ornaments she was wearing was like a fly in the ointment. It seemed as though she was showing off all the pretty jewelry in her box, which made her look gaudy and tacky.

Su Xi had been awaiting this day for so long. Today was a good day, indeed.

She entered the main hall with excitement early in the morning, seating herself there. After waiting impatiently for Su Luo for quite a while, itching for action, she went to Su Luo's courtyard to try to find her.

Just as she was about to ridicule Su Luo, she saw Nanny Gui lying on the floor unconscious. Su Xi was uncertain whether or not she was still alive. Stunned, Su Xi turned her head and shot a fierce look at Su Luo, snarling. "Nanny Gui came to invite you out of the kindness of her heart. What on earth did you do to her?"

Su Luo shrugged with her hands out, acting innocent. "I didn't lay a finger on her," she said. She hadn't laid a finger on her, but she had indeed used her foot.

Su Xi didn't notice the implication in Su Luo's words. She frowned in displeasure.

"Then how did she fall into a coma for no reason?" Su Xi scolded Su Luo.

In Su Xi's eyes, Nanny Gui, her mother's right-hand man, was much more important than her fourth sister Su Luo.

Su Luo put on her clueless and innocent face again, curling her lips. After hesitating for a moment to think, she replied, "Just now, Nanny Gui walked over to the wall on her own, then knocked herself out. it was bizarre!"

"How is that possible! Fourth sister, shouldn't you rehearse before telling a lie?" Su Xi sneered, glaring eerily at Su Luo, her eyes filled with disdain.

Su Luo acted frustrated, saying, "Who knows what happened? There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me. But I did hear that there have been some strange and ghostly things going on in the mansion recently. Just this morning, I heard from servants outside that the lotus pond was haunted by a figure last night. They said the ghost was hideous, with a shadowy face and long buck teeth. Its blood-red mouth opened widely..."

The lotus pond was haunted... Those five words had apparently pushed Su Xi's buttons. Su Xi was the ghost that had plagued the lotus pond!

"Shut up!" Su Xi recalled the embarrassment from yesterday. With a touch of anger and humiliation showing on her face, she hastily changed the subject. "Fine. Let Nanny Gui fall whatever way she wants to. You hurry and come with me to the main hall to see the Crown Prince."

Su Xi had considered the likelihood of Su Luo attacking Nanny Gui. However, there was no trace of any marks in the room that would have indicated a fight. Besides, how could Su Luo, an imbecile loser, be a match for Nanny Gui, who was a second-rank fighter? Therefore, Su Xi excluded the possibility of Su Luo being the culprit right away.

Since it was hard to figure out what happened right at that moment, she might as well wash her hands of it.

Su Xi pulled Su Luo along as she marched to the main hall, not allowing Su Luo to speak. She was afraid that Su Luo would run away if she let go of her hands. Su Xi herself was the one who would suffer the consequences eventually if that happened.

That was because, to break off the engagement officially, Su Luo had to attend personally and listen to the Imperial Edict herself.

Su Luo turned her head and shot a cold look at Nanny Gui.

For all the time Nanny Gui had spent cowing to and serving Su Xi, wasn't she abandoned and mistreated by her in the end anyway? Su Luo wondered what Nanny Gui would think and how she would feel if she woke up and learned that Su Xi had neglected her.

The main hall in the Su Mansion.

The main hall was very spacious, with crimson wool carpeting laid on the floor. Every one of the eight chairs arranged in two rows was made with precious yew wood. They looked luxurious and extravagant.

The yew wood was rare and prized since it only grew in the Darkness Forest, where the Demonic Monsters roamed wildly. It was extremely costly to ship timber out of that forest.

For that reason, only those of the aristocratic class like the Su family were afforded the luxury of using yew wood to make furniture.

Su Luo rarely went to the main hall.

She wasn't permitted to go there under normal circumstances.


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