Rakish Prince's Courtship
22 Grant You a Concubine Position
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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22 Grant You a Concubine Position

At the moment, there were already some people sitting in the hall.

The man sitting in the lead chair was the Crown Prince, Nangong Liujue, whom Su Luo had just seen the day before.

He seemed to like the color yellow a lot. Today he was wearing another yellow brocade robe embroidered with a six-clawed golden dragon making threatening gestures.

His pale, aloof eyes hadn't looked at Su Luo once throughout her entrance. It was almost as if he even a fleeting glance at her would soil his precious eyes.

Holding a cup of tea, he had an elegant and haughty manner. He sipped the tea, calm and collected, with an arrogant and unconcerned look.

The Grand General Su Zi'an was sitting below him to keep him company.

It was the first time the current Su Luo had met the original Su Luo's father.

Su Zi'an was in his 40s and wore a black silk robe. His face was as cold as ice with Indifference showing through his dignified manner. His eyes especially were filled with callousness and cruelty.

With a long and somber face, he bellowed at Su Luo, "Why are you so ill-behaved? How come you haven't saluted the Crown Prince, His Highness?"

In the meantime, Su Xi had already greeted the Crown Prince affectionately. She clung to him, acting spoiled and flirtatious.

The Crown Prince raised his eyes and moved his gloomy gaze onto Su Luo's face. He spoke leisurely, saying, "You are Su Luo?"

To be honest, the girl in front of him looked like a blooming lotus. She was not ugly at all. In fact, she was prettier than his other concubines. With that thought in mind, he stared at her a little more earnestly.

"Yes," Su Luo answered calmly. Her voice was flat and emotionless, composed and clean. She didn't speak even one extra word.

She faced the Crown Prince bravely. Her eyes were black, like two drops of ink, staring straight at him!

The Crown Prince frowned a little. Su Luo's eyes were too clear and bright. Her glittering gaze was like a ray of blinding light that shone upon the deepest and darkest secrets in his heart.

With a grave face, the Crown Prince looked Su Luo up and down in silence while holding his teacup. He knitted his eyebrows tightly, and the corner of his mouth formed a nasty curve. "Because of you, people have ridiculed me for more than ten years. You tell me, how should you be punished?"

To Su Luo's surprise, the Crown Prince was not only devious but also shameless. How was it her fault that other people mocked him for a dozen years? How dare he chalk everything up to her.

The original useless, cowardly Su Luo might have let it slide, but how could the current Su Luo allow herself to be treated in such a way? She clearly wouldn't.

Looking at the Crown Prince in front of her, Su Luo smiled coldly and said in an even colder voice, "Then if I may ask the Crown Prince, Your Highness, was it the Su family that begged for the engagement in the first place?"

It was well known that it was his mother, the queen, who had proposed the alliance through marriage with the Su family. She had learned about the good omens that had taken place during the birth of the fourth young lady and acted quickly as she was worried about losing the opportunity to others. If the Crown Prince really wanted to find the chief culprit, he should confront the queen. Why would he come to bother Su Luo?

How audacious he was to pick Su Luo to kick around. Did he really think she was a pushover who wouldn't fight back?

"Su Luo!" Su Zi'an cried out in a fury. His face suddenly changed.

What was wrong with this girl? She hadn't been so gutsy before. When she had met with the Crown Prince in the past, she either acted like an obedient doormat or was scared breathless. Now she had suddenly become so bold that she dared to talk back to the Crown Prince, His Highness? Who had given her such nerve?

Infuriated with Su Luo's conduct, Su Zi'an almost had a heart attack!!!

A feigned smile crept across Crown Prince's face. His beautiful eyes were filled with coldness and viciousness. "Sharp-tongued, full of complaints, deceitful, crude, and insolent."


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