Rakish Prince's Courtship
23 Grant You a Concubine Position Part 2
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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23 Grant You a Concubine Position Part 2

Su Luo, on the other hand, was grinning like a ray of bright sunshine. "Crown Prince, Your Highness, you are right. Your Highness is wise and mighty, highly skilled in debate, handsome, and dashing. Your Highness is never domineering or a bully, never humiliates the small and weak, and never tramples on the common people. How could a young girl like me compare with Your Highness?"

The Crown Prince scowled slightly. His eyes gleamed with a hint of fury and a foreboding coldness that cut one to the bone.

He casually stroked his thumb ring and said to Su Zi'an with a faint smile, "What a wonderful daughter the Grand General has raised. I admire a great deal how you found so many ways to sing my praises."

Even though it sounded like a compliment, the words he spoke were like a sharp sword jabbed forcefully into Grand General Su's chest.

Su Zi'an's face changed. He raised his hand as he roared at Su Luo in rage, "Why haven't you apologized to the Crown Prince already?"

Su Luo put a terrified face on for show, yet she also looked confused and frustrated. She shot a glance at Su Zi'an's raised hand, then raised her small, innocent face and asked, "Father, did your daughter express her admiration incorrectly? Are you saying the Crown Prince, His Highness is not wise or mighty, not highly skilled in debate, and not handsome or dashing? Are you saying the Crown Prince, His Highness actually does domineer and bully others, humiliate the small and weak, and trample on the common people?"

With every word Su Luo spoke, Su Zi'an's expression turned a shade gloomier. As she finished speaking, his face was like a dull, dismal sky.

It was safe to say that every single word Su Luo had spoken was a compliment independently. Yet they held the exact opposite meaning when she put them together. When it came to word games, how could a military general like Su Zi'an be a match for a sly girl like Su Luo?

Su Luo inwardly snorted with disdain. Brake off the engagement? Despite wanting to break off the engagement herself, she was not pleased that the Crown Prince had brought it up first.

Did he think that he could withdraw from the engagement with ease anytime he wanted?

Pah, Pah -- The Crown Prince suddenly stood up and walked to Su Luo, step by step, slowly and steadily. His eyes flashed with a sinister sparkle. He carefully looked her up and down, sizing her up in an overbearing manner.

A tinge of curiosity flashed across his fierce eyes. Su Luo took no notice and calmly returned his gaze.

However, Su Luo did silently warn herself. The Crown Prince was paranoid and erratic. She would undoubtedly be in trouble if she didn't handle him well. Thus, she had to be extremely cautious and vigilant!

"Haha, interesting. Very interesting indeed." The Crown Prince burst out laughing out of the blue. He turned around and said to Su Zi'an, "Grand General Su, I was right. You really raised an interesting daughter."

Su Zi'an didn't know how to respond but simpered awkwardly. Whatever the Crown Prince said made no difference. He would never oppose him in any way.

Su Jingyu and Su Xi, however, were instantly alarmed.

What did the Crown Prince mean? He applauded Su Luo for being exciting and scrutinized her with a playful and intrigued look. Could it be that he didn't want to annul the engagement anymore?

Although Su Luo was on her guard, she was confident that a person as manipulative and callous as the Crown Prince valued his own interests the most. He would never forgo as excellent a gift as Su Xi when it was handed to him.

At that moment, Su Jingyu stepped forward and said in a vaguely somber voice, "Crown Prince, Your Highness --"

The Crown Prince waved his hand and a faint smile showed on his handsome, evil face. "I understand what you mean. Rest assured, I still want to end the engagement today. Nonetheless --"

He spoke condescendingly to Su Luo, saying, "You really want to marry me, right? I'm not completely unreasonable. I can give you a chance now."

Su Luo cast an icy glance at him and silently scorned him.

Striking a pose, the Crown Prince sat on a soft, lavish chair, looked down on her, and said, "If you can answer my question, I promise, I will grant you a position as a concubine."


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