Rakish Prince's Courtship
24 The Crown Prince Was... Impotent!
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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24 The Crown Prince Was... Impotent!

Su Luo couldn't care less about being the Crown Princess. So why would she appreciate the nonexistent position of a concubine? Su Luo couldn't help but chuckle at the Crown Prince's hubris and self-importance.

She looked sidelong at the Crown Prince with a faint smile. "Crown Prince, Your Highness, since you hold the concubine position in such high regard, why don't you keep it for yourself for now and award it to whomever you want? I'm afraid I can't shoulder such great responsibility."

"What an impudent woman!" the bodyguards standing next to the Crown Prince bellowed in anger before he could reply. Someone quickly pointed a long, sharp sword directly at Su Luo's neck. The tip of the sword would stick into her throat effortlessly as soon as the Crown Prince gave the order.

Su Luo's back remained upright, and her calm and piercing eyes glared at the Crown Prince. She tried to prod him into action, saying, "What? In front of all these people, our wise and mighty Crown Prince is going to grab a woman against her will? It may be easy for you to do, but the rumors could turn very ugly."

The Crown Prince became angry out of embarrassment. He snorted and said, "You accuse me of coercing a woman? You would have to be worthy of it first! Since you don't know how to recognize my kindness, why should I flatter you more?"

The Crown Prince waved his hand impassively while speaking and gave an order.

Soon, a eunuch stepped out holding an Imperial Edict and began to read it aloud. "The emperor is following God's will, and he commands: The fourth young lady offends established standards and lacks proper decorum. She isn't capable of taking on the responsibility of the Crown Princess. The previous betrothal is, therefore, annulled. Henceforth, any association between the two is terminated and they may marry on their own initiatives. Respect this."

Once the Imperial Edict was read, it was impossible to change anything.

At that time, Su Xi and Su Luo simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief. That was a rare occurrence.

The Crown Prince threw Su Luo an icy glance. He moved close to her ear, teeth clenched, and whispered, "Girl, don't ever show your face in front of me in the future!"

"What?" Su Luo seemed to be in shock. "Crown Prince, Your Highness broke off the engagement because you're im… im… impotent?" she said in dismay.

The room instantly fell into a stunned silence after hearing Su Luo's words. Everyone held their breath, paying close attention and bowing their heads in silence, not even daring to glance at the Crown Prince.

Despite everyone's silence, they couldn't conceal the urge to laugh that shone in their eyes, and it spoke volumes.

What a mouthy and brazen girl!!! The Crown Prince's face looked as though he had just been whipped. It was frighteningly gloomy as if a storm was coming.

What Su Luo had done was indeed a brilliant tactic. She had schemed against and outwitted the Crown Prince in broad daylight.

The harder one tried to deny something, the more suspicious it became. If the Crown Prince punished her now, wouldn't that make people think he felt guilty and ashamed?

But if he didn't punish her, it was still extremely humiliating.

No matter how the Crown Prince reacted, it would not be proper or befitting of his position.

It was as if a clump of yellow mud that looked like a turd had fallen onto his pants – as far as everyone was concerned, it would always be a turd.

The look on the Crown Prince's face quickly changed. He glared at Su Luo menacingly, shook out his sleeves in anger, and stormed away, taking wide strides.

Exasperated, Su Jingyu berated Su Luo. "You rotten girl, what did you say just now? How could you speak that way to the Crown Prince? It's generous of the Crown Prince, His Highness, that he didn't punish you. You should go and do some serious self-reflection!"

After that, Su Jingyu exchanged a commiserating look with Su Xi then walked away, quickly following the Crown Prince.

He's probably the only person who knew what they were commiserating about.

"You... how could you...?" Su Zi'an stared fiercely at Su Luo as if he wanted to bury her with his gaze. "How can you be so shameless!"

Inwardly sneering, Su Luo put on an innocent and aggrieved face. With lips pursed, she said, "But... but father, the Crown Prince he, he really said that..."

Only the Crown Prince and Su Luo knew what he had whispered to her just earlier. If the Crown Prince wanted to refute it, hehe, he had lost his chance!


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