Rakish Prince's Courtship
25 Stop Daydreaming!
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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25 Stop Daydreaming!

Su Zi'an clenched his teeth. He wanted to lash out at Su Luo yet couldn't find a plausible excuse. Indeed, judging by what had happened, Su Luo hadn't done anything wrong. She had only repeated the Crown Prince's words in shock. But... wasn't it unfortunate that it was the Crown Prince that she had offended?

In the end, the only thing Su Zi'an could do was to scold her harshly. "How did your mother teach you to act? How come you know nothing about basic decorum and can't hold your tongue? You certainly deserve to be cast aside by the Crown Prince!"

Su Luo snickered to herself.

Couldn't hold her tongue? Did that mean that he also believed that the Crown Prince was... Haha. Su Luo found it hilarious. Presumably, the rumor regarding the Crown Prince being impotent would spread across the country in a short amount of time.

Having said that, Su Zi'an was indeed a biased father.

Hadn't he known a long time ago that the Crown Prince would take Su Xi as his fiancée after breaking off the engagement with Su Luo? How dare he put on this patriarchal act in front of her for show? Did he really take her for an idiot?

Pretending to be miserable, Su Luo looked over to Su Zi'an and said, "Father, did the Crown Prince abandon me because I don't understand decorum and etiquette? Does that mean the Crown Prince would take me back if I learned how to behave properly?"

Su Zi'an's face froze immediately.

Of course, the Crown Prince hadn't had the engagement annulled just because of that. However, the real reasons were too embarrassing to say aloud...

With a long face, Su Zi'an fluttered his sleeves, a shred of awkwardness and anger in his eyes. "Would you have found yourself in such a predicament today if you had been striving for some self-improvement? Who can you blame it on?"

What was wrong with this daughter today? Even though the words she spoke sounded as timid and sad as before, somehow, they kept rendering him speechless.

"So, would father pay more attention to me if my inherent spiritual power was at purple-rank now? And the Crown Prince wouldn't abandon me either?" Su Luo's face looked so childish and innocent. Her bright and glistening eyes were filled with expectations and hope.

"Purple-rank?" Su Zi'an burst into a roar of laughter. It was as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

It wasn't until a while later that he said to Su Luo, his voice filled with arrogance and contempt, "Do you even know what a purple-rank talent is? Saying nothing of purple-rank talent, if you were even blue-rank, no, cyan-rank, if you had a talent of cyan-rank, I would kneel before you and serve you tea!"

Su Luo's inherent spiritual power was one of the most humiliating stains on Su Zi'an's life.

Back then, he was mocked and ridiculed by his coworkers for over half a year thanks to Su Luo being an imbecile. It was a nightmare that filled him with hatred and resentment whenever it was brought up.

Looking delicate and charming, Su Luo raised her small face and asked in a weak voice, "Then dad, if I just happened to be Wood-Fire Double-Talented and become an apothecary by accident, would you be very, very nice to me?"

"Wood-Fire Double-Talented?" Su Zi'an looked at Su Luo like she was a moron. He didn't even have the heart to jeer at his stupid daughter anymore.

Born to be a loser, she was indeed pitiful.

Su Zi'an said, "Wood-Fire Double-Talented? Luoluo, did you lose your mind dreaming about becoming powerful? Do you know how rare it is to be Wood-Fire Double-Talented? There are reasons that our family can enjoy such an eminent status nowadays. One the one hand, it's on account of your grandfather acting as our anchor. More importantly, it's because there is a Wood-Fire Double-Talented apothecary in our Su family. Do you understand? Becoming an apothecary... Stop indulging in your wild fantasy!"

Although the apothecary he mentioned was only a middle-grade one, he still worked with and was befriended by those in all types of powerful groups. The main reason the Imperial Family was trying so hard to win over the Su family was for the apothecary in their household.

The apothecary was Su Zi'an's eldest brother.

He had been engrossed in making potions and drugs for dozens of years and had just barely risen to the level of a middle-grade apothecary.


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