Rakish Prince's Courtship
26 Thank You Very Much!
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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26 Thank You Very Much!

Was it only her wild imagination? Su Luo looked at her fair-skinned palm. The test results from her palm showed that not only was her natural talent no less than anyone else's but that she was, in fact, a genius among geniuses. She was the type of genius that was rarely born even once or twice over the span of hundreds of years.

Even though something was wrong at the moment, she was sure that she would figure out what it was.

Her talent should never have been buried. She aspired to stand on the top of the world and demand that all those who had humiliated and abused her look up at her in regret.

Seeing Su Luo standing there dumbfounded, Su Zi'an felt another wave of exasperation wash over him.

What a useless daughter. He could almost feel his chest tighten whenever he laid his eyes on her.

"You have no business being here anymore. Go away now." Her father waved his hand impatiently and dismissed Su Luo like she was a beggar.

"Oh." Su Luo walked a few steps before stopping and turning around. She gazed at her father intently and suddenly cracked a broad smile, as bright and charming as a blooming flower. "Father, in the future, please be sure not to regret how you sent me away today."

"Humph, our father is regretting something for sure. Father is most regretful about how he let such a shameful waste like you be born," Su Xi sneered at Su Luo, her lips curled and her chin sticking out. Su Zi'an didn't speak.

She looked at Su Luo haughtily with a cold smile. Her face was covered in arrogance. It was as if she was looking at a tiny ant. "Su Luo, it's rather wise to have self-awareness. Since you're the most worthless loser, get lost and go live your lowly life like a dog. F*ck off! Your face ruins everyone's mood."

With the Crown Prince's absence, Su Xi's graceful and dignified manner had disappeared. She had shown her headstrong and vicious true colors.

Su Zi'an didn't express any disapproval, even when Su Xi called Su Luo a dog. His lack of response was sufficient in proving that he believed Su Luo was indeed in such a lowly position in their family.

Su Luo didn't have any intention to curse or fight with Su Xi. She just gave Su Zi'an a long glance, intense and steady. The overpowering meaning in her look gave Su Zi'an goosebumps.

Just as Su Zi'an was about to say something, Su Luo turned away briskly and left. She took long strides to quickly exit the room that felt so cold that she couldn't even breathe.

While walking, she smiled in contempt to herself. Su Zi'an, since you acted this way today, don't ever think about benefiting from your association with me in the future!

Su Zi'an had no idea what he had been deprived of due to his callousness toward Su Luo just then.

If he had known that he had lost a brilliant daughter who had purple-rank spiritual power, one who was a Wood-Fire Double-Talented apothecary, he would have drowned in remorse.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as medicine for regret. He would have to reap what he had sown by being indifferent and cold-hearted to his own daughter.

Su Luo slowly walked out of the main room in her courtyard, accompanied by Lvluo.

At the time, the scorching sun blazed directly over her head, blinding those beneath it.

A peaceful smile spread on Su Luo's face. The engagement was finally broken, and she could relax for a moment. As for the Crown Prince's hatred toward her… She assumed that the Crown Prince was quite busy recently and wouldn't have time to spare to come get even with her.

All of a sudden, Lvluo's eyes brightened. She pointed at a dazzling jade pendant near the grass and said, "Young lady, there is a Purple Fish Jade Pendant over there."

Lvluo picked it up and handed it to Su Luo.

Su Luo stared at the Purple Fish Jade Pendant and found it familiar. In an instant, a memory flashed through her mind. Her eyes were glistening, and a sly and mysterious smile crept across her face.

"Young lady?" Lvluo was utterly confused. Why had her young lady grinned so slyly after seeing the Purple Fish Jade Pendant?

"Good girl, Lvluo. I can't thank you enough!" Su Luo said, giving Lvluo a generous compliment.


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