Rakish Prince's Courtship
33 Smart Enough Indeed
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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33 Smart Enough Indeed

"What a dumb prince," Su Luo fired back abruptly. Eyes sparkling like stars, she seemed quite energetic.

The person others saw as the high and mighty Prince Jin was only a paper tiger to her. With him, she never had any room for sentiment or politeness. It was hardly her fault, especially considering how cheeky he had been around her.

"I feel more at ease now knowing you are aware of that yourself." Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head with a vague smile in his eyes.

He was genuinely anxious that the girl might not be able to resist the excitement and that she would tell Su Zi'an.

At the end of the day, he understood Su Zi'an's personality and character very well.

Fortunately, after years of abuse and humiliation, not only had Su Luo not become self-abased or spineless, she was also unmoved by honor or disgrace, calm and composed. She would manage well during a crisis.

Such mental fortitude was a rare thing to find in an ordinary 15-year-old girl, yet she happened to have it.

She was indeed smart and worthy enough to be the girl Nangong Liuyun had his eyes on.

Nangong Liuyun nodded, satisfied and relaxed.

"There is no need for any delay. Since we have decided to steal the Heavenly Spirit Water, it's better to be flexible and spontaneous rather than plan for too long. How about we do it today? Is that OK with you?" Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun with a bright grin. Her eyes glistened and were exceptionally enchanting.

She raised her small face and looked at Nangong Liuyun studiously. With her sparkling eyes and rose-colored lips, she looked lovable and charming beyond description.

Nangong Liuyun realized he couldn't say no looking at the pretty face in front of him. He folded the fan and knocked on the table. "Alright. You'll call the shots."

From Nangong Liuyun's perspective, the Su Mansion was anything but an impregnable bastion of iron. The most powerful force in the entirety of the Su Mansion was the guardian of the Treasure Pavilion. That guard was merely a sixth-rank powerhouse.

Since Nangong Liuyun was in the sixth-rank himself, they would be equally capable, and no one would have the upper hand.

As a result, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun started their preparations after reaching an agreement.

They put on jet-black ninja suits, wrapped their hair up in black cloth, and hid their faces with black fabric as well.

Enshrouded in blackness, only Su Luo's gleaming and intelligent eyes remained uncloaked.

Just as they were about to leave, a faint smile and a wicked and treacherous look flashed across Su Luo's face.

She took the Purple Fish Jade Pendant out from underneath a pillow. Her eyebrows arched in intense excitement. She then tucked the jade pendant into her clothes and winked at Nangong Liuyun, saying, "Let's go."

The jade pendant belonged to Su Jingyu. If it happened to be found in the Treasure Pavilion... Phew, Su Luo's blood was boiling from exhilaration just thinking about it!

Even if she didn't bring anything back from their trip, it was worth the trouble just so she could drop the jade pendant there.

She wanted to infuriate her selfish father for acting cruel and heartless toward her.

She wanted to plant it on Su Jingyu for bullying and framing her.

They couldn't blame her for retaliating and getting her revenge since they provoked her first.

Seeing Su Luo's cheerful expression, a smile crept across Nangong Liuyun's face

Even though he couldn't guess what the girl was scheming at the moment, he knew for sure that someone would be down on his luck as a result of the girl's artful plot.

It seemed as though he would have to expend quite some effort in order to seek the hand of this girl.

It was certainly not easy to fool a smart woman. Nangong Liuyun was itching to stamp his feet in frustration.

Granted, he was confident that Su Luo would be waking up next to him eventually. He would try every means possible to make that happen... He had more than enough time to waste on her in the future anyway...


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