Rakish Prince's Courtship
34 Guardian of the Treasure Pavilion
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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34 Guardian of the Treasure Pavilion

The night sky was a heavy, dark blue curtain with a few stars hanging dimly. Shrouded by thick clouds, the faint moonlight was barely discernible.

In brief, it was a particularly dark night that was perfect for crimes and misdeeds.

Under cover of night, two black silhouettes moved as agile as monkeys as they disappeared from the side courtyard in the Su Mansion.

Nangong Liuyun was as fast as a flash of lightning, even while carrying Su Luo.

The closely guarded Grand Protector General's Mansion was a daunting place that made other people hang back in fear. Nangong Liuyun, however, was moving in a relaxed and leisurely manner as though he was strolling through his own garden.

Sharp-eyed and keen-eared, he was vigilant and nimble, almost like he had an instinctive sense for danger.

Carrying Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun was moving one moment and stopped the next. Sometimes they stood in the shadows; sometimes they hid in the shrubs; sometimes they rested on top of a tree. They were always one step ahead of the patrolling guards when it came to concealing themselves.

Su Luo paid extra attention to the route they took and the patrol guards they met in order to remember them. Squinting, her eyes were sparkling in delight.

She hadn't felt this kind of thrill for a long time.

Why had she thought about resigning from the Organization and living in seclusion? Deep in her heart, she loved such dangerous games and perilous adventures. What a heart-racing experience.

Su Luo beamed with anticipation.

They were almost at the Treasure Pavilion.

The Treasure Pavilion was built on the forbidden land behind the Su Mansion. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to come close to it at all.

The Treasure Pavilion was only three stories high. The exterior looked unadorned and straightforward, far removed from any grandiosity.

There was no light, and it was pitch black inside of the Treasure Pavilion. The door outside was bolted with a unique dark steel lock.

The dark steel lock glittered coldly in the moonlight.

There was no guard in sight to watch over the door. Silence reigned all around.

Nangong Liuyun made a simple gesture to Su Luo, suggesting that he would lure away any guards there while Su Luo seized the chance to enter the pavilion and steal the Heavenly Spirit Water.

Su Luo had completed plenty of covert missions like this in her previous life. She nodded in understanding.

Nangong Liuyun patted her head with affection. Under Su Luo's angry stare, he cracked a wicked smile and stepped away.

He moved as quickly as a ray of light flashing by. Anyone looking would barely be able to catch a glimpse of his figure. Even if they did, he was only a blurry shadow, and it might make them think that they were only imagining things.

He trod lightly without touching the ground like a dragonfly skimming the water.

Like a bird flying through the air, Nangong Liuyun stood on his toes and was about to shoot upward to the second floor of the Treasure Pavilion. At that very moment, however, a strong wind abruptly flew through the dark and toward his face.

Here he came!

Nangong Liuyun's handsome face grinned brightly behind his mask. Without stepping back, he created a blazing circle of light in front of his chest and turned the incoming force back, directly against the person who just launched the surprise attack.

The attacker was indeed the guardian of the Treasure Pavilion.

The guardian was an old man wearing a black robe. His entire body was enveloped in the robe. Even his head was covered by the hood. Although Nangong Liuyun couldn't see his face clearly, he could sense his opponent's eyes were icy cold and murderous.

In the family hierarchy, this man was Su Luo's second great uncle.

He was the second younger brother of Su Luo's grandfather and had been immersed in Martial Doctrine since childhood. He used to be an adventurer and had wandered away from home when he was young. After he got older, he returned to the family and began guarding the Treasure Pavilion.

Due to the protection provided by this sixth-rank powerhouse, for all those years, thieves who had visited the Treasure Pavilion had not only failed in successfully stealing anything, but they also all lost their lives there.

As a result, this sixth-rank powerhouse had become the sole guardian of the Treasure Pavilion.

No one else knew this secret about the Su Mansion. Except for Nangong Liuyun, of course.


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