Rakish Prince's Courtship
36 Lure the Guards Away
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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36 Lure the Guards Away

Su Bowu became even more furious after spending a long time hot on Nangong Liuyun's heels yet still not catching him. He swore to himself that he would take down that shameless villain and teach him a good lesson!

He would never realize that Nangong Liuyun wasn't actually injured. He was only a decoy and aimed to lure Su Bowu away from the pavilion.

The two of them made a noisy mess and attracted many people's attention.

Stuck in hot pursuit, poor Su Bowu had no idea that Su Luo had already gone into action over at the pavilion.

Su Luo noticed that it was dead quiet around her and that there wasn't a soul to be seen. A playful smile crept across her face.

Nangong Liuyun was indeed a smart strategist. What an exciting plan it was to lure the tiger out of its den.

Su Luo had really thought that Nangong Liuyun was wounded in the beginning. After seeing that he was still winking at her while being chased around, she was able to put her mind at ease.

The dark steel lock was forged by the best craftsman in East Hill. The lock cylinder was too complicated for an ordinary person to crack.

Nonetheless, it would not stop Su Luo, who had picked a variety of complex locks in her life in the modern days.

She took out a delicate hairpin and wiggled it around in the keyhole. Her eyes were on the lookout, and her ears were also on high alert, listening for any sounds around her.

Vigilance and prudence were in her nature.

Multitasking, her skilled hands continued to pick the lock without slowing.

Padaah -- In less than ten seconds, the so-called impenetrable dark steel lock was defeated at Su Luo's hands.

Subsequently, Su Luo opened the lock quietly, hung it back on the door frame on her way in, then closed the door behind her in silence. Her movements were natural and smooth, without any hiccups.

It was said that the lock was made by the most adept craftsman in the world. But when facing Su Luo's master lock-picking skills, it didn't stand a chance.

Entering the first level of the Treasure Pavilion, Su Luo didn't dare to light a lamp. If the room were lit, it would give her away as if she had shouted out loud to everyone: There are burglars. Catch them at once!

Thankfully, however, Su Luo had exceptional eyesight. Even though it would be too dark for ordinary people to see their fingers right in front of their faces, for Su Luo, the darkness was nothing more than a little inconvenience. It only made things a little blurrier for her.

The hall on the first floor had many shelves made with Chinese rosewood on display. There were also some iron boxes in the corners.

Su Luo checked them one by one and discovered they only contained precious metal and jewels. The iron boxes were filled with gold and silver bricks.

Those things might be useful, but Su Luo couldn't possibly move all of them by herself.

She exhaled a sigh of regret and turned her head to bid a reluctant farewell to the gold and silver treasures. Eventually, she turned back and climbed up the stairs swiftly, one step after another.

The stuff on the second floor was indeed a bit better than what was on the first. It was mostly rare medicinal supplies. There were traditional medicinal herbs like ginseng as thick as an arm, glossy ganoderma that were more than a thousand years old, and snow lotus.

The rich and robust scent of medicine permeated the air.

Su Luo searched around the second floor for a while yet still didn't find the Heavenly Spirit Water that she was looking for.

She became more anxious, wondering where the treasure could be hidden.

After thinking carefully, she concluded that it was most likely on the third floor.

Su Luo grabbed the railings on the stairway and nimbly swung upward to the entrance of the third floor, not once touching the ground.

She knew she had to speed up.

She was not sure how much longer Nangong Liuyun could stall Su Bowu.

If Su Bowu came to his senses and figured out he had been lured away by a decoy, he would rush back and catch her right away. As weak as she was, there was no chance she would be a match for him. That much she knew.

There was also the chance her father Su Zi'an might be disturbed by the commotion in the mansion and make a spur of the moment decision to inspect the Treasure Pavilion. If that happened, she would certainly be exposed and end up in a hole.


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