Rakish Prince's Courtship
37 Didn“t Take Much Effor
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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37 Didn“t Take Much Effor

Su Luo tiptoed onto the third floor.

The whole Treasure Pavilion had only three levels. Su Luo didn't know what to do if the Heavenly Spirit Water was not there.

The third floor had much less space than the two levels below.

Besides, the shelves were crowded with books, which increased the difficulty of Su Luo's search a great deal.

Su Luo moved forward to take a closer look and saw that they were not rare books on martial arts. Instead, they contained a general history of the Biluo Continent and some notes and insights into practicing the six elements.

That's weird. Why would those standard books be kept like treasure on the third floor?

Logically speaking, wouldn't the third floor be the place for more precious valuables?

Su Luo was baffled.

Wait a second -- Su Luo's attention fell on the bookshelf. She suddenly paused for a moment. A flash of excitement sparkled in her eyes.

Due to Su Luo's cautious and meticulous assassin instincts, she realized in an instant that something was off with the books on the shelf in front of her.

It was a set of books held in a yew wood case — nine books in total, standing upright on the shelf.

It looked odd because all the other books beside them were covered in dust. But this set of books...

The top of the case was clean and smooth as if it had been touched frequently by someone.

It might also have been wiped and polished often because the owner cherished those books in particular.

A wicked smile curled the corner of Su Luo's lips.

That's it.

Su Luo's hand reached to the bookcase and fiddled with it for a while, yet nothing happened.

How come?

Su Luo slightly knitted her brows. She gave it some more thought and the books out of the case one by one.

She paused for a moment and listened carefully for any sound after removing each book.

As she tried to pull the sixth book out, she realized that it wouldn't move, no matter how hard she tried. It was as if it was glued to the case.

Su Luo immediately grew excited as she examined it carefully. The book was indeed the starting point of the mechanism.

She yanked the book out abruptly.

Clang -- A faint noise sounded in the dark. Su Luo realized it came from somewhere under her feet.

She looked in the direction of the source of the sound.

At that moment, a floor tile roughly one meter in front of her was opening slowly to reveal a small black hole. The hole was around ten square centimeters. She would never have discovered it if not for her careful examination.

Su Luo squatted down and found a small casket the size of her hand inside.

The small casket was made of yew. A light emanated from it along with the distinct fragrance of yew.

The casket was not locked, and Su Luo was able to open it immediately.

A tiny jade bottle was inside the casket.

Su Luo inspected it thoroughly and carefully. A simple design, the jade bottle was pure white and spotless. Without any label, it was impossible to know what was in the bottle just by looking at it.

Su Luo opened the bottle slowly and stuck her nose closer to have a smell. In an instant, an exotic and delicate aroma filled the air.

Refreshing and elegant, the smell cheered the heart.

The fragrance was almost identical to what Nangong Liuyun had described to her.

It appeared that this was, in fact, the Heavenly Spirit Water.

It was a truly easy win for Su Luo.

Su Luo's success was also owed to the skills and expertise acquired in her previous life. She could have turned the entire Treasure Pavilion upside down yet still wouldn't have found it if not for her thoroughness and attention to details.

Su Luo tucked the jade bottle along with the casket into her pocket.

She didn't particularly like the yew casket, but she had another purpose for it. It would be hugely beneficial for her later on.

Since Su Luo had already gotten what she came for, needless to say, she was ready to cut and run.

Even so, before she skipped off, she needed to put the Purple Fish Jade Pendant to use.


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