Rakish Prince's Courtship
38 The Brave Wins The Figh
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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38 The Brave Wins The Figh

An evil smile crossed Su Luo's face.

Su Jingyu, didn't you do me wrong? Didn't you frame me? Then I should let you experience what it's like to be framed and wronged!

Su Luo excelled at giving someone a taste of their own medicine.

Staring down at the small dark hole, Su Luo curled her lips and threw the Purple Fish Jade Pendant in without any hesitation. She intended to leave without even closing the mechanism as well.

At that moment, however, a loud noise sounded out of the blue from outside.

The light of torches could also be faintly seen.

Su Luo moved to the window and took a look. Her chest tightened.

D*mn. Su Zi'an was leading a group of people to the pavilion as she had expected.

It looked like he was not stupid after all and had finally realized he should check on the Treasure Pavilion.

Su Luo had initially planned to conceal herself in a corner on the third floor if she couldn't find the Heavenly Spirit Water.

People had certain natural tendencies. If Su Zi'an saw the mess on the third floor, his first instinct would be to check on his most precious treasure to see if it was stolen. As a result, Su Luo, who would be hiding in the dark, would have been able to learn where the valuables were stashed.

Nonetheless, there was no need for her to waste such efforts now since she had already obtained the Heavenly Spirit Water from the casket.

But Su Luo could imagine with ease how her mercenary father would be sent into a blood-boiling rage after coming up to the third floor and taking in the chaotic scene.

Su Luo felt exceedingly cheerful whenever she thought about it.

Su Luo didn't panic even upon seeing that the pursuers were just around the corner. She had developed extraordinary courage and intelligence through her years as an assassin.

Instead of going downstairs, she gracefully jumped out of the window, like a cat. Her lithe body climbed down along the pillar.

In a flash, she was already standing next to the foot of the wall.

At that moment, she chose to flee in the direction of Su Jingyu's residence rather than back to her own side courtyard.

Unfortunately, Su Luo ran into someone on the path right next to Su Jingyu's courtyard. The person she ran into happened to be Nanny Gui. Three days ago, Su Luo had kicked her, causing her to crash into the wall and lose consciousness.

Nanny Gui had just woken up that day. She struggled to get up so that she could go to Mrs. Su's room and tell Mrs. Su who had injured her so severely. She was also going to warn Mrs. Su about the fourth young lady.

That being the case, held by the arm by a servant, Nanny Gui was dragging herself at a snail's pace toward Mrs. Su's courtyard.

Mrs. Su lived very close to Su Jingyu, and that narrow cobblestone footpath was the only way between the two. Hence, she and Su Luo came to an unavoidable confrontation.

Su Luo saw Nanny Gui immediately after she made her way off of the steep road.

Ahhh--- The young maidservant screamed out of instinct the second she saw a masked attacker.

Nanny Gui should have been capable of holding out against Su Luo for a while. But, as she had just recovered from an injury, her head was still dizzy from the crash. Her butt was also in a great deal of pain. Su Luo chopped down on her neck and killed her instantly before she could resist.

Su Luo hadn't planned on taking Nanny Gui's life in the beginning. However, she had realized right away that Nanny Gui, the ill-behaved old witch, was on her way to Mrs. Su's courtyard to tell on Su Luo.

Su Luo didn't have any spiritual power right now and thus couldn't protect herself in this world. On that account, she had to remain under the radar and bide her time.

Su Luo was afraid that she wouldn't be able to act quickly and with ease if Mrs. Su learned how agile and clever she was.


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