Rakish Prince's Courtship
40 Audacious Burglars
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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40 Audacious Burglars

Su Zi'an didn't know Su Luo was already gone. He was about to enter the Treasure Pavilion.

His face immediately turned sullen when he noticed the lock hanging on the door frame.

The lock was made by the best craftsman in Capital City. Only the key Su Zi'an carried on him at all times could open the lock.

Yet now the lock had been opened by someone else and was hung on the door flagrantly. It looked like someone was mocking him.

In an instant, Su Zi'an's face became extremely stiff. He pushed the door open abruptly and bellowed in anger, "Light the lamp!"

The bodyguards around him promptly handed him a lantern and lit the candles in the room.

The first floor was messy and chaotic. Someone had apparently rummaged through the room.

The burglar was particularly brazen. He didn't even attempt to put things back where they had come from to conceal the crime!

Su Zi'an walked to the second floor.

Obviously, the second floor had been searched as well. However, it was likely that nothing was taken.

Su Zi'an's expression turned even grimmer. He knew the intruder must have been a master burglar. If he hadn't considered things on the first and the second floors to be worth taking, he must have been aiming for the treasures on the third floor.

It was just as he had expected!

Su Zi'an felt dizzy and his ears rang as he reached the third floor and saw the scene in the hall. A sweet taste filled his throat, and he almost vomited a mouthful of blood on the spot.

He immediately saw the small black hole in the floor! It was where he kept the Heavenly Spirit Water.

Other than the Su Family ancestors, he was the only one who knew about this place. But now someone had opened it!

Su Zi'an felt his limbs go weak. He could hardly stand up straight.

He calmed himself and braced himself to take another look. The wooden casket inside had vanished without a trace. It was as he expected.

How awful and maddening!

Su Zi'an spat up blood then and there.

The Heavenly Spirit Water in the casket was the most valuable treasure in the Su Mansion!

However, what infuriated him more was the loss of the treasure map on top of that of the Heavenly Spirit Water. The treasure map was indeed the most precious thing!

It was the starting map of the legendary Eight Deserts Sacred Mausoleum that every powerful group on the continent was searching for. Even though it was only a piece of the treasure map, it would cause worldwide chaos if made public.

But now it had been stolen along with the Heavenly Spirit Water.

Su Zi'an was trembling with rage. At a loss for words, he felt like he was losing his mind.

"Find it! You must find the thief and tear him to pieces!" Su Zi'an shook with fury.

Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of something in the dark hole. He picked it up and realized it was a Purple Fish Jade Pendant.

Could it have been left behind by the burglar?

What did it mean? He even left a token after stealing the casket? What an audacious thief!

Su Zi'an was sure that he would have choked the burglar to death with his own hands if he were standing in front of him right then.

It was too bad he didn't know the thief he was enraged over was who he considered his most useless daughter.

"Send this jade pendant to the Mercenary Association. Order them to find out everything about this pendant as soon as possible!" Su Zi'an believed that the thief would have nowhere to hide if they found the owner of the jade pendant.

He must catch the thief and let people know the Su Mansion was not a place to be trifled with!

Nevertheless, the guard who took the pendant looked hesitant. He seemed to want to say something, but after thinking for a moment, he stopped.

"Why are you not moving?!" Su Zi'an roared in anger.

"Grand General, this jade pendant... I... I have seen it before," the guard was stuttered reluctantly.

"You have seen it? Where on earth have you seen this before?" Shocked, Su Zi'an stared at the guard in disbelief.


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