Rakish Prince's Courtship
42 Audacious Burglars Part 3
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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42 Audacious Burglars Part 3

Su Bowu shot Su Jingyu a cold look and said in a stony voice, "Search inside!"

"Father!" Su Jingyu was stupefied and didn't know what to do. What Heavenly Spirit Water? What treasure map? Why did no one believe that he knew nothing about what they were saying?

"Guards, detain Su Jingyu!" Ashen-faced, Su Bowu didn't show any mercy.

"Father!" A horrified look flashed in Su Jingyu's eyes.

Su Zi'an threw Su Jingyu an icy glance and said in agony, "The truth will come out. If you're proven to be innocent, no one will treat you unjustly."

After speaking, he waved his hand with a commanding look and said, "Search inside!"

Upon his order, two dozen guards immediately swarmed the yard. They separated, and each went to a different room to inspect carefully.

Su Bowu and Su Zi'an were not just standing and idly waiting. Their keen eyes swept the whole courtyard so they wouldn't miss anything.

After the search of the periphery was done, Su Zi'an followed the guards to move to the inner rooms.

They didn't find anything in the inspection.

Su Zi'an had mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was grateful that his son was not implicated after all. On the other hand, he was disappointed that there was no clue to help them catch the thieves and retrieve the Heavenly Spirit Water and the treasure map.

However, at that very moment, a guard shouted out of the blue, "What's that?"

The guard's finger pointed at the bed. There was a faint shadow of something black barely discernible in the dim candlelight.

"Take it out and have a look!" Su Zi'an's expression quickly became somber.

The guard obeyed the order and got down on the floor right away. He outstretched his hand and fetched the item.

"This is..." Su Zi'an was at a loss for words upon seeing the ninja suit. His face grew as dark as the suit, and it was almost impossible to discern his facial features.

His head buzzed. He was more distraught than if he had been defeated on the battlefield.

He never expected them to really find something in the search that could prove his son's guilt...

His eyes shifted down and saw the wooden casket he was familiar with.

All of a sudden, both Su Bowu and Su Zi'an turned pale.

They both recognized the casket as the one that held the Heavenly Spirit Water.

Yet now, the casket was completely empty. The Heavenly Spirit Water, along with the treasure map, was long gone.

Su Zi'an glared at Su Jingyu like a bloodthirsty viper. He grabbed Su Jingyu's throat to choke him and bawled in a fury, "You unfilial son! Speak quickly! Where is the Heavenly Spirit Water? And the treasure map? Say it now!!"

Right at that moment, all the evidence, coincidence or not, indicated that Su Jingyu was the thief. He had no way to deny it.

Entirely innocent, Su Jingyu was extremely disoriented. "Father, what are you talking about? What Heavenly Spirit Water? What treasure map?" How come Su Jingyu could understand each word separately, yet he didn't understand what was being said when they were combined?

"How dare you keep playing the fool?! Say it! Where is the Heavenly Spirit Water? Did you drink it? Say it now! Otherwise, I will snap your neck!" Su Zi'an was truly furious now.

The Heavenly Spirit Water was extremely valuable for leveling up during practice. Su Zi'an was going to offer it to the grandmaster when he made a pass for the seventh-rank. But it had been stolen now!

If the grandmaster could reach the seventh-rank, the Su family would leap to being the most prominent aristocratic family in East Hill.

But now it was gone... Everything was gone. They didn't know whether or not the grandmaster would be sick with anger after he came back from the retreat.

"Father... I really don't know. I really didn't do anything!" Su Jingyu loudly protested the injustice.

As a matter of fact, he had indeed been accused unjustly. It's too bad that he had angered the petty Su Luo.


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