Rakish Prince's Courtship
45 Not a Pushover Forever
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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45 Not a Pushover Forever

"Besides, three other pieces of the treasure map are still out there. We have no clue where they are." Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Luo in amazement. "I don't know what to say about your luck. I almost suspect that someday you will just close your eyes, and the treasure map will fly directly into your hands. It seems that you're the only one I can entrust with the important task of finding the rest of the treasure map."

Later in the future, after Nangong Liuyun witnessed another piece of the treasure map actually fly into Su Luo's hands by itself, he recalled what he said at that moment and was at a loss for words. He kept calling himself a seer.

"The luck is entirely dependent on a person's character." Su Luo ridiculed Nangong Liuyun. "By the way, now that we have the Space Grass and the Heavenly Spirit Water, when should we go to find Dragon's Blood?"

After seeing the fight that took place between Nangong Liuyun and Su Bowu, Su Luo understood how much physical strength mattered in this world.

She couldn't practice her Wood-Fire double talents, and the realization of her Space Element was delayed. It truly put her in a disadvantaged position.

She was frustrated. She felt as though she was guarding a room full of treasures but didn't have the key to the door.

Stroking Su Luo's head, Nangong Liuyun squinted his eyes and said to her in an indulgent voice, "When do you want to go?"

"Let's wait until tonight's incident is blown over." Su Luo let out a sigh. She had created quite a problem for herself.

The Sunset Mountain was far away. Even an uneventful round trip would take at least a month.

Things would be bad if she disappeared now, and her pitiful father would shift his suspicion onto her.

She had to think of a way to vanish for a while without anyone knowing.

Su Luo narrowed her eyes and was lost in thought...

To Su Luo's surprise, someone offered a solution to her problem on a silver plate before she could figure something out for herself.

It was, in fact, Su Wan, Su Luo's third sister.

On that day, Su Luo took a walk outside after lunch.

When she came back, however, she found her courtyard was totally wrecked. Her only maidservant, Lvluo, was also beaten, her face red and swollen, and her body covered in bruises.

Su Wan was still throwing her weight around as Su Luo entered. She thrashed Lvluo with a whip as if she was beating a dog!

"Stop it!" Su Luo shouted out loud as she squinted at the sight.

Su Wan turned her head and glanced at Su Luo in disdain. She then lashed the whip directly at Su Luo's face!

Su Luo exerted her strength and grabbed the tip of the whip. Her eyes glittered coldly as she said, "Are you asking to die?"

Su Wan snickered disparagingly. "Su Luo, people need to have some self-awareness. How dare a loser like you to speak to me this way? Are you asking me to die?"

Su Wan was now a first-rank fighter. Although she fell short of the best, to say the least, she felt quite superior when compared to the imbecile Su Luo.

Su Luo sneered. "Then let me ask the first-rank fighter, Your Excellency, why do you go berserk in my small yard?"

"Su Luo, are you still trying to lie? Humph! Did you see what happened at the lotus pond that day?!" Su Wan had been abused and scolded by Su Xi often since that day. She really couldn't stand that kind of life anymore.

Later on, she accidentally heard from her maidservant that Su Luo had been there that day. Whenever she thought of her most humiliating moment being seen by Su Luo, she couldn't help but feel infuriated.

Su Wan had no idea that Su Luo had not only walked past the lotus pond, but that she was also the culprit of the whole incident.

Su Wan would probably want to kill Su Luo if she found that out.

She might be gentle and benevolent in front of other people, but in front of Su Luo, Su Wan didn't even bother to put on an act to conceal her true colors!


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