Rakish Prince's Courtship
46 Not a Pushover Forever Part 2
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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46 Not a Pushover Forever Part 2

Su Luo curled her lips mockingly as she said, "The day at the lotus pond? Ph, third sister, did you mean the day when you fell into the lotus pond, crawled up, jumped back into the water when the woods caught fire, got thrown up again, and eventually got humiliated in front of all the high-born young masters?"

"You -- you really saw it!" Su Wan shrieked in anger!

"Of course. I watched the whole thing openly. What's wrong, third sister? Why would you be afraid of being seen by people for something you're not ashamed of doing now?" Su Luo smiled contemptuously. Her pretty eyes had an icy glow.

What a horrible trait Su Wan had. She only knew how to bully pushovers.

She didn't dare to stand up for herself when Su Xi abused her so blatantly. She only vented her anger on Su Luo because she saw Su Luo as a loser. How outrageous!

This wasn't just a single occasion. This kind of thing had happened many times in the past!

"Su Luo! You deserve to die! You d*mn loser!" What happened that day was a shameful blot on Su Wan's life. She was itching to strangle Su Xi whenever she remembered what took place that day.

Su Wan couldn't get the whip back no matter how hard she tried.

Su Luo kept a firm hold of the tip of the whip. She moved closer to Su Wan and said slowly, "Su Wan, you're nothing but a first-rank fighter born from a concubine. Yet, for some reason, you have been acting all high and mighty in front of me. A first-rank fighter. Do you think you're so bad*ss?"

"You're a loser who would never understand a cultivator's world. Go to h*ll!" Su Wan said.

Su Wan dropped the whip and raised her hand. She was about to slap Su Luo in her face!

Sneering, Su Luo took a step back to dodge her attack. She then turned the whip around in her hand and lashed at Su Wan's face!


The whip made a clear and crisp sound.

Not only did the whip strike Su Wan on her face, but the force behind it was so high that it knocked her back several meters.

Su Luo's face was cold and cruel. She looked like a demon from h*ll that made people tremble in fear.

She slowly cracked a mocking smile and said, "It truly feels amazing to slap a first-rank fighter's face as a commoner."

At the time, she stood in silence. The breeze blew the hem of her dress around like cherry blossoms falling.

Su Luo's callous and relentless remark reached Su Wan's ears in a spine-chilling moment.

Knocked back by the whip, Su Wan crashed into the bottom corner of the wall. She screamed in pain.

A welt appeared on her face. The skin split, and the blood streaming down and made her face look horrible and scary.

Covering her wound, Su Wan was astounded and terrified. She glared at Su Luo with a malicious look. "You..."

Looking at Su Luo's glacial and emotionless eyes, a frightening thought arose in Su Wan's heart. She started to panic as a chill rose from her feet.

How could this be? Su Luo was only a witless dud. How could she... How could she have wear a devilish expression? She looked even more intimidating than their stately grandfather. How, how was it possible?

Su Wan's heart was trembling in fear and suspicion.

Lvluo, on the other hand, was shocked to the core.

The girl in front of her maintained a dignified manner that made others stand in awe. Her black hair was blowing freely in the wind, and her beautiful face was grim and resolute. Her forceful bearing made people afraid of looking directly at her.

She was dazzling. It was as though all the sunshine was focused on her.

This person... Was she really the young lady she had served all her life? Was she still the good-for-nothing pushover who was bullied by everyone?

"Is a first-rank fighter so bad*ss? How come a loser like me could still beat you? So, for all these years, what on earth were you feeling smug about?" Su Luo crouched down. A faint smile showed in her eyes. Fiddling with the whip, she ridiculed Su Wan mercilessly.


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