Rakish Prince's Courtship
48 Not a Pushover Forever Part 4
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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48 Not a Pushover Forever Part 4

Ziwu answered with a steely expression. His eyes shifted to Su Wan's face. A shred of astonishment flashed by. He then turned his head away in disgust and left to follow the order.

Was she only grounded? How could their father let her off so easily? This could not be happening!

Su Wan almost cried out in anger. She wailed and crawled to Su Zi'an to cling to his legs.

Unfortunately, her face was now covered in blood and dirt. Adding on the tears, sweat, ragged clothes, and the mud and filth from rolling on the floor, she didn't look much different than an evil ghost.

Su Zi'an's eyes were filled with disgust.

This was also a good-for-nothing daughter!

She always created trouble for him, yet never knew how to share his burden!

Exasperated, Su Zi'an recalled that it was indeed Su Wan who had humiliated him and the whole family in front of the Crown Prince a few days ago.

Even though they told the Crown Prince it was Su Luo, as the father of the family, he knew the truth.

Su Zi'an pulled back his leg in disdain and said coldly, "You also go back to your own yard for three months. Do some self-reflection and try to learn something good from your fifth sister!"

So, she was grounded too? Her father's decision filled Su Wan with indignation.

He wanted her to learn from Su Xi? Su Xi was the most arrogant and willful person in the entire Su Mansion! Su Wan almost threw up blood in distress.

"Father..." Su Wan wanted to beg some more.

However, Su Zi'an raised his hand and bellowed in anger, "Zixi! Drag the third young lady back and guard her well!"

None of these children could spare him any worry! Su Zi'an's fist smashed forcefully on the yew table. A deep, fist-shaped indentation appeared on the table.

The blue veins on Su Zi'an's forehead pulsed rapidly.

The grandmaster was about to come back from the retreat, yet the Heavenly Spirit Water was nowhere to be found. The treasure map was also missing. Where on earth could they be?!

Su Jingyu, the ungrateful wretch, wouldn't admit to being the thief no matter what. They couldn't extract any useful information from him either.

Deeply vexed, Su Zi'an almost pulled out all the hair on his head.

It was tough to guard against a thief within the house. Unfortunately for Su Zi'an, the thief was not Su Jingyu. It was his fourth daughter, who was believed to be an idiot.

Su Ziwu walked into the yard stony-faced and passed on Grand General Su's order.

Su Luo obediently promised that she would stay in her courtyard and reflect on her wrongdoing every day, and would be firmly committed to learning from the fifth young lady Su Xi.

Su Ziwu shut the door with a loud bang and bolted the door with a heavy iron lock.

From then on, even food would be delivered over the top of the wall.

"Young lady... this..." It was such a light punishment. If this had happened in the past, the master would definitely have had the young lady flogged.

"I already told you not to worry, right?" Su Luo was confident in her ability to predict her father's reaction. She was lounging comfortably on the bed, eating desserts cheerfully while flipping through a book of the general history of the continent.

Su Luo had almost read all the general history books about the continent these days. She also browsed through some books about herbal medicine.

After all, she would practice being an apothecary in the future. Besides, she would soon enter Sunset Mountain. In keeping with her recent unimaginable luck, she felt like she could run into more incredible opportunities ahead.

Lvluo waited on Su Luo in high spirits. "Young lady, we will stay put in the yard for three months. Let's not cause more trouble, OK?" she said.

It was unclear why the master hadn't punished the young lady harshly this time. He probably wouldn't let it slide so easily next time.

To Lvluo's surprise, Su Luo threw the book in Lvluo's arms and looked at her with a smile. "I now formally inform you, Lvluo, that you will sit tight in the yard for these three months and reflect on my behalf. I promise to bring you delicious snacks when I'm back," she said.

"Young lady --" Lvluo was dumbstruck.

Even so, Su Luo didn't plan on explaining anything to her. She smiled mysteriously and sent her away.


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