Rakish Prince's Courtship
53 Save People in Danger
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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53 Save People in Danger

The Dragon Scale Horse surely deserved its reputation. Its furious gallop had brought Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun to their destination in two days rather than ten.

The Sunset Mountain was the largest Monster Forest in East Hill. It was located in the northwestern region of East Hill and was as big as a province.

The Monster Forest had flourished for tens of thousands of years with towering, luxuriant trees growing and demonic monsters rampaging inside. No one other than Martial Arts practitioners dared to step inside.

Nonetheless, the Sunset Mountain was not entirely undisturbed. There were also Martial Arts practitioners who entered to practice and cultivate their skills, hunt demonic monsters, or search for herbal medicine.

The gorgeous, luxurious carriage slowed down and stopped at a small town, Qiaotou Town, on the north side of the Sunset Mountain.

Usually, people who planned to enter the Sunset Mountain would rest for a night in Qiaotou Town to replenish supplies.

"Eat more vegetables. We'll only have grilled meat to eat inside the forest." In a booth at the restaurant, Nangong Liuyun picked up some chicken and put it in Su Luo's bowl. His eyes were brightened by his smile.

It seemed like he had forgotten their argument from two days ago, as if it was blown away by the wind. He had returned to his old attitude and made it impossible for Su Luo to hold on to their fight either.

Su Luo shot a glance at him and said, "You need to eat too."

"I will eat if you pick it for me." Nangong Liuyun moved closer to her with an impish smile.

At that moment, however, they were distracted by a commotion outside. They heard a little girl's frightened cry.

Su Luo looked down through the window.

There was a disturbance in the first-floor lobby.

A small girl who looked around 13 years old was crying pathetically. On the side, someone had lifted her white-haired grandfather by his collar.

"Please let my grandpa go. Let my grandpa go. You're going to choke my grandpa to death... waaaah..." The young girl could barely catch her breath while crying.

It was a young master choking the old man. He wore a lavish robe and had a thin, angular face.

He had a nasty sneer on his fierce face and spoke with a drawl as he said, "You f*cking old fool, did you see it clearly? There is a fly in our dish. What do you say? What should we do about this?"

The old man he was throttling was around 80 years old and could hardly speak. His hair was all white, his face was lined with wrinkles, and his eyelids were droopy.

His eyes were full of misery as he begged the man with a tremble in his voice, saying, "Masters, our restaurant has always been clean. How could there be flies? This... This must be a misunderstanding."

"A misunderstanding? Are you saying this is not a fly? You tell me. How should you take care of this?!" The young master had one foot up on a bench as he clutched the old man's collar.

A line of fighters stood behind him. They all looked sturdy and menacing, with their eyes opened wide in an intimidating manner.

"These dishes... are free of charge as my gift to the masters. What do you think?" replied the poor old wretch.

"Free of charge as your gift to us? What do you mean? Are you calling us freeloaders?" The young master was not pleased at all. He continued on, saying, "You take a good look. It's your dish that has flies! Hah, did you see?"

He pressed the old man's head down on the table and almost buried his face into the dish.

The old man said miserably, "Yes, yes. We will do whatever the masters say..."

The young master guffawed and said, "We're not deliberately extorting you here. We're doing this because the food you provided is problematic. I will let this slide since you offered 50 taels of silver."

"Fifty taels?" The old man was dumbstruck and in utter shock.


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