Rakish Prince's Courtship
55 Save People in Danger Part 3
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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55 Save People in Danger Part 3

The situation downstairs changed abruptly before Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun were able to finish their conversation.

Miss Liu couldn't win against Young Master Zhao despite a prolonged fight. Furthermore, Young Master Zhao was handsy and kept taking advantage of her. Out of sheer rage, Miss Liu waved her other hand in an arc and shot a rain of arrows at Young Master Zhao.

Apparently, Miss Liu was not only a Martial Arts practitioner, but she was also a Water mage.

Since it was close-quarter combat without any defense, seven water arrows all stabbed into Young Master Zhao's body like sharp swords.

Young Master Zhao was taken by surprise. He fell to the floor and died, his face twisted and eyes wide open.

Miss Liu shot a triumphant look at the second floor and returned to her group in good spirits.

"Young master!"

Witnessing their master's murder, the bloodshot, murderous eyes of the bodyguards standing behind Young Master Zhao grew wide. They clenched their fists, and the blue veins on their hands bulged frighteningly.

They jumped at Miss Liu fearlessly and vowed to cut her open to avenge their young master.

Nevertheless, Miss Liu's classmates were not just all talk. They were all straight-A students and famed geniuses at the Imperial Supreme Academy of Mages.

Therefore, an intense fight was about to take place.

The owners of the restaurant, the grandfather and his granddaughter, panicked when they saw Young Master Zhao fall.

At that moment, the door of the restaurant had been closed by someone. The guests in the lobby realized the situation had turned worse, and they all fled upstairs.

They clustered together near the staircase on the second floor. The few people who knew Young Master Zhao's background put on sour faces and groaned about how unlucky they were.

But not everyone was aware of Young Master Zhao's family. One of them asked about him aloud.

A middle-aged man who knew the situation well smiled bitterly and said, "We're really down on our luck this time. You're not a local and didn't know that Young Master Zhao was the only son of the county mayor here. He just unexpectedly died."

Someone interrupted, saying, "He's only the son of a county mayor. What's the big deal?"

There were dozens of county mayors in East Hill.

The middle-aged man replied with a bitter smile, "This is a key town on the border of Sunset Mountain. You think the county mayor here would be an ordinary good-for-nothing slob? I heard this county mayor's martial arts skills are unfathomable, at least at the fifth-rank!"


The crowd was dumbfounded. Everyone was speechless.

Fifth-rank. How many fifth-rank fighters were there in East Hill? Even the Grand Protector General Su was only at the fifth rank.

"Oh well, that young lady was really inconsiderate. Helping people is alright, but why did she have to kill Young Master Zhao?"

"Why shouldn't she kill such degenerate? Are you just going to keep him here to terrorize the neighborhood?"

"Then she should have killed him in secret. Now she has implicated Grandpa Wang and his granddaughter. County mayor Zhao is famous for shielding his family. How will Grandpa Wang and his granddaughter survive in the future? Is she saving them or harming them?"

"Exactly. That young girl looked pretty and smart. Why would she act in such a reckless way? She and her friends can walk away with no trouble. But how will Grandpa Wang and his granddaughter be able to live here anymore?"

In the meantime, the grandfather and granddaughter everyone was talking about were sobbing their hearts out. Their faces were filled with anguish and desperation.

Su Luo's eyes were cold. She sighed softly and said, "I'm such a jinx. I guessed everything right..."

Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head. His dark and beautiful eyes glanced casually at the people fighting downstairs before turning back to Su Luo. He narrowed his eyes slightly, smiled contentedly, and said, "My Luoluo is always so bright. What do you say? What should we do now?"


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