Rakish Prince's Courtship
57 Proud and Aloof, High and Mighty
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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57 Proud and Aloof, High and Mighty

Miss Liu had shifted her attention away from Su Luo and focused on Nangong Liuyun. Her pretty face was glowing, and she stared at him with a coy look. She said to him, "Prince Jin, Your Highness, are you going to Sunset Mountain as well?"

Nangong Liuyun wore a black brocade robe and was sipping the wine in his glass. His dark eyes gazed at Su Luo. He acted as though Miss Liu didn't exist at all.

"Your Highness, do you... do you not remember me? I'm Ruohua, Liu Ruohua. You once kindly offered me some guidance on how to practice martial arts back at the Imperial Academy..." Liu Ruohua said, sounding eager and hasty. She wasn't discouraged, even with Nangong Liuyun/s cold face and standoffish attitude.

Nangong Liuyun squinted a little and glanced over at her. Although he was smiling, his eyes were distinctly aloof. After a while, he asked coldly, "Are you finished?"

Liu Ruohua nervously nodded her head and watched Nangong Liuyun's expression carefully.

According to Su Xi, Prince Jin was like a deity in the Heaven Palace. Even looking directly at him could be sacrilegious and was forbidden. Liu Ruohua's heart was in her mouth now that she was standing face to face with him.

Nangong Liuyun's lips curled up. His eyes were emotionless and distant, and he wore a mirthless smile. "Then f*ck off," he said impatiently.

His reply was curt. He didn't mince words.

Liu Ruohua blushed. She stood, stupefied, not sure what to do.

It was rare for her to have the opportunity to approach Prince Jin, His Highness. How could she let it go so easily? Who knew if and when she would have another chance in the future?

Liu Ruohua clenched her fists and said some words of encouragement to herself. She forced a bright grin onto her stiff face and said, "Prince Jin, are you heading to Sunset Mountain as well? My group is going there too. How about we go together...?"

Nangong Liuyun's slender, cream-colored fingers twiddled with his ruby thumb ring. After hearing what she said, he lifted his eyes and took another quick look at her.

The look he gave her was cold, arrogant, and full of disdain. It was as menacing as a sharp sword.

Liu Ruohua's heart trembled. It felt as if a boulder was sitting on her chest. She swallowed her unfinished sentence and didn't dare utter even one more sound.

Her face was as white as a ghost, and she could feel the cold sweat rolling down her cheeks.

Nangong Liuyun shifted his eyes back to Su Luo. The smile on his face was bright and charming. His pale white hand picked up some vegetables with his chopsticks and put them in Su Luo's bowl. "Why are you only watching them and not eating? Have some more vegetables. Good girl," he said to Su Luo.

Su Luo wanted to roll her eyes.

She was eager to ask if the dear Prince Jin was intentionally making people hate her even more. Didn't he see the girl over there was desperate to strangle her, her veins bulging on her clenched fists?

However, under Liu Ruohua's malicious gaze, Su Luo calmly picked up a vegetable and tasted it slowly, as if it was the most wonderful delicacy in the world.

Seeing that Su Luo hadn't refused, Nangong Liuyun beamed with joy. He ladled out a bowl of wild mushroom soup for her. He smiled coyly and said, "Come on. Drink the soup too. It's pretty good. Tasty and nourishing."

Standing in front of them, frozen like a tree trunk, Liu Ruohua was dumbfounded. She could never believe --

She wanted to rub her eyes and take a closer look at the perfect man sitting in front of her and grinning like a fool. Was he really the legendary Prince Jin, who was callous and cruel with severe mysophobia and a heart made of stone?

There must be something wrong! However, what was wrong?



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