Rakish Prince's Courtship
58 It“s Really Her!
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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58 It“s Really Her!

"Prince... Prince Jin?" Liu Ruohua called his name in a low voice just to make sure it was really him.

Nangong Liuyun's eyes were icy like a frozen lake. He shot her another cold glance and frowned in disdain. "Why are you still here?" he asked.

There were only two types of people in Nangong Liuyun's world. There were his own people, and then there were outsiders.

He was unreasonably biased toward the people he brought into his world and would shield them from harm as much as he could.

To outsiders, however, he was always brutal and relentless.

Right now, Su Luo was the only person who had been invited into his world. Everyone else was outsiders who he couldn't care less about.

Liu Ruohua lowered her head out of both respect and dread. Her hands clenched into fists.

Yes. It was true! This man, who was as cold-blooded as an Asura walking straight out of h*ll, was definitely Prince Jin, His Highness.

But, how could he be with...?

An ordinary girl would run away in shame, sobbing in despair after hearing Nangong Liuyun's harsh words. But Liu Ruohua was different. She had long known about Nangong Liuyun's reputation for being stony-hearted. She was unflinching, even with Nangong Liuyun's nastier remarks.

Su Luo cast a casual glance toward Liu Ruohua. A trace of admiration and surprise flashed across Su Luo's face.

She would have never thought a girl's skin could be so thick that it would be nearly impossible to drive her away. She was also intrigued by how revered Nangong Liuyun was to make a girl so persistent.

"Are you full?" Nangong Liuyun's melodic voice soothed her heart like a gurgling brook.

"Not yet." Although Su Luo was already stuffed, she lied to stay and watch the drama unfold.

How could Nangong Liuyun not know what she was doing? He slid his bony finger down her delicate nose, smiled indulgently, and said, "Don't force yourself to eat if you're already full. If you want to keep watching, I can order them to play it for you."

"No need." Su Luo refused bluntly and pushed Nangong Liuyun's hand away.

Liu Ruohua was dazed by Nangong Liuyun's smile.

She would never have expected that the cold and cruel Prince Jin would be able to smile, let alone in such a tender and ingratiating manner.

But... But that d*mn woman turned him down. She dared to push Prince Jin, His Highness away...

God, was it because she was crazy and ignorant? Or had the whole world just gone mad? Why would any woman reject Prince Jin's advances? Had she lost her mind?

At that moment, Liu Ruohua was on the brink of collapsing from jealousy. Her initially bright eyes were bloodthirsty and full of resentment. She glared at Su Luo menacingly, itching to cut her into pieces.

Unwilling to be outdone, Su Luo faced Liu Ruohua's fierce eyes head-on.

Su Luo raised her eyebrows and stared back at Liu Ruohua as if she were ridiculing her.

Liu Ruohua, weren't you proud? Didn't you call Su Luo a dog along with Su Xi just because you were the daughter of the current prime minister?

What about now? You're jealous, aren't you? You're mad, aren't you? You're eager to kill Su Luo, aren't you?

Liu Ruohua bit her lower lip and, in a slow, vicious voice, asked, "Who are you?"

Su Luo shrugged. Following Nangong Liuyun's lead, Su Luo paid her no heed.

Liu Ruohua rushed forward. She grabbed Su Luo's hand and looked at her wrist. Suddenly, her eyes widened. With her eyes as cold and sharp as a pair of ice skates, she clenched her teeth and said, "You're Su Luo! Don't bother denying it. I was the one who left that knife scar on your wrist!"

Su Luo didn't deny it. She smiled softly and said, "Third Young Lady Liu, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"How could it be you?!" Liu Ruohua was sickened when she realized that this b*tch who looked like Su Luo actually was Su Luo.

Thinking about the way Prince Jin fawned over Su Luo and treated her attentively, Liu Ruohua almost had a nervous breakdown on the spot. Thinking about the way Prince Jin fawned over Su Luo and treated her attentively, Liu Ruohua almost had a nervous breakdown on the spot.*

*The last sentence is repeated twice in the original text.


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