Rakish Prince's Courtship
60 Tell You a Secre
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Rakish Prince's Courtship
Author :Su Xiaonuan
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60 Tell You a Secre

Su Luo looked at the door and saw it was Liu Ruohua's classmates.

Without flinching, Su Luo pulled her hand back from Nangong Liuyun in a dignified manner. She looked at Nangong Liuyun as if nothing had happened. However, she noticed that his face was gloomy.

"Who dared to hurt Ruohua? Get your *ss out --" Liu Weiming shouted at the top of his lungs. However, his eyes widened the moment he recognized Nangong Liuyun. He swallowed back the second half of what he intended to say as if someone were choking him.

Prince... Prince Jin, His Highness... How could it be him?

Nangong Liuyun lounged lazily on the wooden chair. A touch of interest showed on his solemn and imperious face. With a bone-chilling look in eyes, he smiled contemptuously and said, "I did it. So what?"

He looked aggressive and conceited, and he gave off an air of extreme arrogance.

Liu Weiming was dumbstruck. He wasn't prepared to run into Prince Jin there. He dreaded his cursed fate now, recalling how he had scolded His Highness loudly just moments ago!

Sweat covered his forehead and streaked down his face. He was as pale as a ghost.

Nangong Liuyun looked at him disdainfully, his eyes as bright as a lightning strike. "Anything else?" he asked.

At the moment, Nangong Liuyun was like a formidable giant with a majestic and haughty bearing that deterred others from looking directly at him.

Liu Weiming didn't dare to say one more word. Fear flashing in his eyes, he squeezed a stiff smile and hastily replied, "No, nothing. Your Highness, please enjoy your meal. Enjoy your meal, Your Highness..."

Facing Prince Jin, he was even too afraid to breathe loudly. Keeping his eyes facing down, he bowed low and exited the room as quickly as possible. He shut the door behind him thoughtfully.

Some other hot-blooded classmates of Liu Ruohua's didn't recognize Prince Jin. They were still trying to break into the room but were all pulled back by Liu Weiming.

Liu Weiming understood perfectly well that there would be no justice for Liu Ruohua's amputated hand since Prince Jin was the one who cut it off. Even if her father intervened, it would not go any further.

Besides, losing only one hand for offending Prince Jin His Highness was almost a lenient punishment. From then on, Liu Ruohua was on her own. He could only wish her luck.

Out of everyone, why had she offended Prince Jin, the infamous Yama Incarnated?

Seeing Liu Weiming exit in such a submissive manner surprised Su Luo a bit.

Even though she knew that Prince Jin had a frightening reputation, she had never thought that it was to such an extent.

He severed someone's hand, yet the victim didn't even dare speak loudly, let alone ask him to answer for his wrongdoing.

Was Nangong Liuyun so terrifying and intimidating in the past? Resting her smooth and pointed chin in her hand, Su Luo looked Nangong Liuyun up and down in curiosity as though she just met him for the first time.

"You want to size me up this badly? Do you want to see a little bit more?" With a lustful smile hanging at the corner of his mouth, he grabbed Su Luo's hand and shoved it into the collar of his shirt.

No. He didn't seem intimidating at all. Su Luo struck through the thought from her head.

"Stunned?" Nangong Liuyun asked, rubbing her head.

He knew what she was thinking. Since he only showed tenderness to her, she couldn't imagine how brutal and merciless he could be in front of others.

"Which side is the real you?" Su Luo asked with a gentle and elegant smile. She looked fresh and lovely, like pear blossoms covered with morning dew.

"Which side do you like?" Nangong Liuyun's thin, rosy lips curled up slightly. A touch of seriousness flickered in his eyes so briefly that it was barely discernible.

It was a difficult question to answer. No matter which side Su Luo chose, it would imply she liked him. What a cunning fox Nangong Liuyun was. How dare he play word games with her...?


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