Rise of Nyx
28 thousand death valley
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Rise of Nyx
Author :eros
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28 thousand death valley

Once we left the village we started rushing toward thousands death valley. the sun was just appearing over top of the trees as we made our way closer and closer to our destination. Everyone was silent as we charged though the Forest.

time skip

running, resting, and killing is all we done since we left the village a few days ago. I didn't have time to look though the two space rings from the bandit leader and his wife, *sigh* well my training had been going well, I kept pondering moves I could do and have been trying then out on rank 1 demonic beasts, it made my swordsmanship smoother., although Izanagi hasn't been answering my calls when i try to talk to her, I dont know what's wrong. *sigh*

"hey nyx look, I see the edge of the forest" long cried out excited

looking up, I see a clearing before the forest, there was no grass just solid dirt. its a weird contrast of a forest floor meeting solid dirt and blues sky's. running forward I break though the clearing and 1km ahead of me I see a wall city.

"hey why's a city here" looking at long, hua and gen

"well wherever there is money or a famous place and it's not to dangerous, there is generally a city" gen replied.

I see" we continue our run till we reach the city gates and a guard stops us.

"halt, entrance fee is 1 low rank spirit stone per person"

"what kind of RIP off are you about to make us pay" long flipped after he heard the price on just to enter the city.

*hmpt* "you guys must be not from here, well the 10 year auction is happening next week and they are selling am amazing treasures so we raised the prices you can come back in 2 weeks if you want to pay the regular price" the guard said with an annoyed tune

long looks to us "what do you guys want to do?"

thinking for a moment" I'll pay" long looks at me weirdly "I want to see the auction" saying to everyone i walk towards the guard and give him a demonic grade 2 crystal. "here you go"

the guard looks at me and says "no I cant accept this, it's to much, a grade 1 would do" smiling I did as he said and gave him a grade 1 core and walked inside. I stop and stare at long, hua and gen. they knew it was less then a low spirit stone I gave the guard.

long looked ready to explode on the guard but can only hold it in. "wait till I leave then you will pay me back" he grumbled to the guard before paying him. never in his life has he been humaliated bu someone so low. started planning on how to make the guard suffer hua and gen gave the guard a low ss and walked in.

"where to now" hua said

"to an inn, we been traveling and fighting a lot without proper rest. we should relax till the auction and head into the valley.

walking though the town to find an in, I realize everything was made out of plain wood, there were no fancy decorations to the buildings, just straight wood. the cobbelstone ground perfectly matched. it was an odd town, the streets weren't fully packed and small stands had lots of vegetables, which makes sense since I didn't see any farms when we came in.

we kept walking till we came across an inn, the sign said Misty inn; we look at each other and make our way in. opening the doors we were hit with a fragrant smell, it was smoothing and relaxing like lavender but had a hint of sweetness to it. being carried away by the smell we make our way to the front desk.

",where is that lovely smell coming from?" I ask the front desk lady.

"it's a special incense to attract customers and relax the mind." she smiles

"can i buy it" I hurriedly ask

"you can but each stick is worth 1 low spirit stone" with a bright smile that could make ones heart skip she beams to us.

"so expensive" shaking my head at the cost for one. "maybe later"

looking back at the group "so we each get our own room or do you want to share?" asking everyone

"our own rooms" gen said as he looked over to long

"I agree our own rooms" long said

turning around to face the front attendant "1 room please for 1 week "

smiling the attendant says" that would be 3 platinum coins"

gawking at the price, for only a week, biting my lower lip I hand her the money. giving me the keys i head up to the third floor and into my room, leaving everyone at the front.

hoping on my bed which was 3m wide and 4m long. "nothing beats a nice bed" taking a minute of enjoying the soft bed, I then sit up and turn my focus on my space ring. I quickly scan all my items inside of it besides the clothes, money and 3 weapons there were just the two space rings I got. i take them out and drop a droplet of blood onto them. I then scan them.

in the first ring I found, spirit stones about 50 of them in a pile, 100 platinum coins, clothes, a saber, a map, manuals, a staff, and one thick book.

feeling wonderful on my find i snicker and move the spirit stones, platinum, saber, manuals, staff into my ring. I take out the map and book and give them a quick look.

the map showed the city I was in and told me the dangerous areas of the valley. it also mentioned a cave of some sort. "big find, if I can go to this cave I'm sure I can get amazing stuff' smiling I carefully put the map into my ring. turning my focus to the thick book. the front cover was said "how to inscribe on weapons" thinking to myself I dont know what inscribing is but it sounds like a great thing. opening to the first page and trying to read the contacts of it.

"how to inscribe on weapons. first the person inscribing show have an understanding of the weapon. what it's made of or where it has been kept. you need a calm mind and powerful qi/mana to start. recommended is grand mage or knight if have immortal talent, if not earth or sky knight and mage lord or king to start. what does it mean to inscribe? to make it evolve a weapon into perfection. infuse the weapon with will of the wilder... the book went on explaining that depending on the mana or qi used will unfulance the weapon. reading more I found out its separated into mortal, earth, sky, and immortal. each tier had a low, mid, high , peak and perfection. taking a breath I flip through the pages and look for how to inscribe it but when I got to it. there was only a in inscribing wind.

that was useless for me" putting the book in my space ring I turn my attention to the bandits wife ring and drop some blood on it.

when I sent my thiugh to it I was baffled to what I saw. there were mountains or spirit stones, there were herbs for refining blood and organs. there were medical books on herbs and culvations arts ro refind rhe body. "who were these people" questioning on who they were or how they got these herbs and books I think back to her baby. maybe she was using this she tried to increase her unborn child talent, but now it's all mine


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