SENA — Man who will rule the world
1 The Boy Named Sena
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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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1 The Boy Named Sena

Today is April 𐄫2020, some guy who wears weird clothes was seen around the ruin. All the soldiers who were on duty to protect the ruin were running out and surrounded that suspicious group. A captain who led that soldier came out to investigate them.

𐄫 — 10,000

"Who are you?" Captain said.

They didn't answer, Captain was squeezing his hand in anger.

They were just 7 or 8 guys, how dare they make trouble here, Captain thought.

The atmosphere in that place becomes heavier, all of the soldiers wait for their answer. But nothing happened, they remained silent, even without moving. See that things make the Captain Mad more. He walks towards them and prepares to give them his best punch.

"You know what? I'm the Captain of the flame unit, they call me 'Mr. Black Hand'." Captain Said it with his hand which was full of the black flame. "I will give you 1 more chance to tell me who you are and what your purpose is till you dare to come here!"

No response, they are still silent and not doing anything.

Captain was out of his patient. He strengthened the energy in his palm and was ready to give them his special strike. "Take this!" He releases his black flame fist towards them, right at their leader's face. "Die!"

There was such a big explosion and it made the area around there filled with smoke. Captain was satisfied with his action. He thought they must die now, no one can't survive after receiving his strike directly.

"Take that as your punishment because all of you underestimate me!" He laughed after saying that. He turns back and starts walking toward the ruin and asks all of his soldiers to follow him. "Let's go back to the lab. We need to ensure the project S condition."

No one answers him. Captain stops walking, he starts to be afraid, he knew something was wrong there. His soldier could not be silent when they heard his command.

He tried to turn back once more. The smoke which filled that place before was starting to thin out. Shadow of corpses of all intruders before was seems clearer. Captain smiling. But that smile didn't last long. The thinner the smoke was, the more corpses that appeared.

Captain starts to tremble in fear. He doesn't know his strike will have an impact that big. After some moments finally he can see some shadow of the survivor. He was relieved that some of them were safe. "I should give them a special promotion. They were strong enough to survive my strongest attack."

"Wow that's really an honour if we really could get that promotion!" one of them responded to the captain's words just now.

Captain becomes really mad to hear their unrespectful answer. "Where is your attitude when talking to your captain!" Instead of answering their captain's, they were laughing hard and listening to what the captain just said. Captain strengthened his palm again and was ready to give them his strike again. But before that, he wanted to see their faces first.

The smoke was gone, now he can see clearly what's actually happened. He fell, the thing that actually happened made him limp. The shadow who has him thinks is his soldier before actually the shadow of all intruders who have received his strike directly.

"How could it be? I'm sure you all already take my strike." Captain trembled so hard seeing what really happened. The intruders laugh at him. He was really scared until unconsciously he crawled backwards. "Imposible! No one in the same rank as me especially has a lower rank."

The intruder laughed harder. One of him went toward the captain and lifted him up. "Are you just saying we are the same as you? Lower? I think you praise yourself too much!" He slammed the captain to the ground easily.

Slammed that hard, the Captain was coughed. He lost all his power. "This is impossible. I'm sure I checked all your power using this 'pocal' before. Your power has a blue band."

Pocal — tools that used by soldier in this ages to calculate how strong the power of their target.

They laugh again. The man who slammed him before called someone from his group. "Chang come! Finish him! Ah one thing captain, you are using an old polca."

One of them ran towards the captain. Their hood was pulled back by wind when they were running, showing a girl who had a beautiful face. She lifted the captain's body easily and threw him up, and then she used a flame strike like what was done by the captain before, but it was stronger. It exploded in the air. The captain crumbled to dust. "That's how to control a flame idiot!" That girl who just finished the captain insults him.

"Clean them too" The man who slammed the captain before pointing to the corpses of soldiers who had been killed by them before. That girl nodded, she burned her hand and threw the fire to the corpses there. That area became a sea of fire.

They leave that place and go into the ruin. The ruin is actually a scientist lab that is researching the 'karbij' bodies. Actually this year all humans have evolved to their perfect form. So it's common to meet someone with a superpower like them. Here, the one that is really rare is 'karbij'. Karbij is the human with no powers or you could say they didn't evolve.

They broke up that science lab and killed all the scientists there. They keep moving forward until they meet their true target. Their leader asks them to guard outside while he gets into that room and clear his mission. "You all wait and guard here! I'll go inside and clear our mission." They did not agree.

He came inside that room. Keep moving forward and find him. The boy with blonde hair who sleeps in a glasses tube full of liquids. That tube is labeled with project S. He broke up that tube and woke the boy up.

The boy was awake and slowly opened his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and tried to restore his sight. After a few minutes, his sight was back, he could see that place and the man who stood in front of him clearly. "Where am I?"

"Welcome back. It is time for you to raise and rule this world! Tell me your name boy!" that man said.

Actually he doesn't know what that man means, but he knows he is his savior.

"I'm Sena."


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