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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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2 The Prodigy

Sena opened his eyes. He got off his bed and went to draw the curtain. A warm morning sunlight entered his room through his window. He still can't believe he can breath that fresh air again, and it is a week after he was released by his new friends.

He still remembers the day he was kidnapped by a secret army which was maintained by the world government, and brought to the scientist in 'G-ruin' Amazon forest. He actually is a prince from Genesis kingdom. A new kingdom that was built by a Human who has success evolved to their perfect form. That was an irony when you know the one who was ordered to kidnap and send him as a guinea pig is his own father, Lord Genos king of Genesis kingdom, the descendant of the strongest perfect human in history.

Knock … knock …

Someone is knocking on his door. Sena wakes up from his reverie. "Who is it?" The memory of the day he was kidnaped makes him more careful.

"It's me prince." She answered. It is Chang's voice, the girl who successfully steals his heart. Knowing who was coming, Sena opened the door immediately.

She looks beautiful as usual, with small eyes, straight and long hair, flawless skin, and her perfect body, just two words which can describe her 'God Masterpiece'. All of it made Sena blushed just to see her. "Err … is an — anything that I can help?"

Chang narrowed her eyes. The way she looked at him made Sena can't stand it and looked away. "What happened to you? Are you sick? Why did you become suttered? And your face turned red too."

Damn! Are you really that innocent! This all because of you, Sena Thought.

Sena tried to strengthen himself and look at Chang. "No, it's nothing. I just wake … up." Sena forgets he just woke up, he should look really messy. He took a step backward closed the door and shout from inside, "Wait! Give me 5 minutes."

Chang laughed, and she realized why Sena went back into his room in a hurry. "Are you really a boy prince? It's okay to look messy. Ha ha." No answered, just heard a sound of noise inside the room.

After a few minutes, Sena left his room again, nearly of course. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Chang. "Stop calling me prince! I'm not! I've been dumped and you know it too." Actually the one that makes him sad is the fact that his own father dumped him.

Chang held his hand, turned and brought him back. "Ha ha ok, I wouldn't call you prince anymore. Come with me." Chang pulled Sena to go with her.

Sena feels really happy because his hand is held by Chang. He followed Chang out from there. "Where are we going?"

Chang answered him without stopping. So Sena sped up his step to walk besides Chang. "Oh, Chief, ask me to summon you. They say it's already a week time to tell us why we ordered to save and bring you here." She let go of Sena's hand.

Sena a bit regret to chase and walking besides Chang. He thought if he didn't do that maybe Chang would still hold his hand. "Ah, I understand. So you also don't know why I was summoning?"

Chang nodded. She says that she really doesn't know either. They were walking while continuing to chat until they themself did not realize that they had arrived.

They go into the chief room. It turns out that there are many other members waiting for them. Sena bowed to show his respect for them. They nodded. "Please take a seat, prince." Sena slightly clenched his fist to hear the 'prince' word, but he knew this was not the right time to protest. He goes to one of the chairs there and sits down.

Actually this is the first time he met the Chief. He was a big man with wounds all over his body. He looks strong and firm. He really looks like a capable leader.

The chief starts to give a speech. After a few greetings, he gets into the real topic that he wants to discuss. "Ok, thanks to all of you, we can finish our mission, and as you know we already saved a boy from G-ruin. We also just know about that boy's status, about he is the prince from the biggest kingdom on this earth."

Sena just clenched his fist listen to all of this. Every time he heard about his hometown he always brought back a bad memory about the day that he was kidnapped.

The chief continued his explanation. "The real reason why we save him is, he is the boy from prophecy. An Ancient script that we found tells him as the prodigy."

Sena standing up, he thought it was just a boast. "Sorry to interrupt, but I think you're wrong. Prodigy? Do you know, I'm a karbij, and one more thing. Stop calling me prince!"

The chief was not angry at all. Otherwise he smiles at Sena, and goes towards him. "Good boy … ok, I wouldn't call you prince anymore. But Sena, about karbij, you are not."

Sena was a bit surprised with what the chief said just now. He tilted his head. "It's impossible, I'm karbij. I already do all the tests that a kingdom has, and I have no potential. They are ensuring it already."

Chief holds his shoulder and says confidently, "No, their metode just can't detect your potential. Because your potential was limitless."

All of the audience there was shocked by the chief statement. Sena took one step backward, can't believe what he heard just now. "Ha ha. You're kidding right. Your words are just nonsense. It's impossible. What's limitless? I never even do any prodigy."

Chief look at Sena seriously. "Ok, you do not believe me right. I'll show you the proof. This is the very simple method that a kingdom doesn't know. I've found this when I can solve the language of an ancient script." He took a diamond from his safe. "Take this and try to focus your mind to the core. Every color that is out will show you what element that you have. If you really karbij that stone will not react."

Sena can't believe this. He also never heard this method before. Now he doesn't have a choice, he does what the chief is asking for. He tried to focus on that stone. Unexpectedly that stone reacted, to start turning red but before it became red it turned to blue and so on. Its color continues to change till finally it stops in white color.

Sena doesn't know why but suddenly that stone becomes hot, more and more until Sena can't stand the heat, so he throws the stone, and in the blink of an eye … 



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