SENA — Man who will rule the world
3 Sena“s True Power
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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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3 Sena“s True Power


That stone exploded. Sena pushed back by that explosion. The tight smoke make he can't see anything around him, he found something to hold on to to help him to stand. He's got it, it's something that's squeezy, he's a bit curious what's that. Suddenly, a sphere appeared and sucked all the smoke there.

The smoke was gone and he could finally see everything clearly. "What's this squizy th — " He stops talking when he turns his head to see what he is holding. He was surprised he was held to Change breast. He panicked so he let his hand go and jumped back. He tried to apologize, "Sorry Chang, I'm really not meaning that. It was purely an accident."

Chang hasn't answered, She holds his chest at the point where Sena held it before. She turned his head to Sena. "Why are you apologizing?"

Sena was a little confused when she heard her question.

"It's normal to apologize if we accidentally hold a woman's breast, right?"

"Why? It's the same as me holding your chest right? What's wrong with that?"

"Err … You know it's like err — "

"Sorry if I interrupted," the Chief came and interrupted our conversation. I just nodded my head to answer it. Chief smiling, looks like he gets what he wants. "So, after seeing the stone just now I'm sure all of you know and understand why I ask you to save him. The prophecy was right, he is the prodigy."

All the audience in that room were whispers about their agreement. Chief looks satisfied with that. "Ok, that's what I want to tell you about, so we can end it here. Thanks."

The audience starts to leave this meeting room. Sena wants to go out with Chang when the chief calls him again. "Sena, can you come with me? There are some things that I want to discuss with you."

Actually Chang asked him to take a walk around there, and Sena really wanted it too. He looked at Chang, she nodded and left. "Yeah, Sure sir."

He followed Chief to his room, He was a bit surprised when he got into his room. He thought it was a small room seeing from outside, but that room is really large, and the one that becomes odder because that room just fills with a small cupboard, a desk, a chief chair, and two guest chairs.

"Sir, Sorry? Can I ask?"


"Is this room not too big for you?"

Chief laugh.

"That's because of my power. I'm a sphere user."

"Hmm, I'm a bit confused when asked to explain it. But in short is the power to make a sphere field that I can control."

"You mean you make your own rules in that sphere field?"

"Yes, you can describe it better than me."

"How about the sphere in the meeting room?"

We're finally reached the place where the chair is.

(You can imagine how large this room is)

"Please take a seat first."

"Thank You sir." Sena sat there and straightened his back. He tries to look around while the chief finds something in the cupboard. That room is empty, the things that fill that room really just this furniture.

Chief takes some documents from the cupboard and sits too. "Ok, I have 2 things that I need to tell you. Hmm … Sorry I mean 3 because you asked for the sphere before." Chief lit up his cigarette and started talking. "We start from your question, the skill that you see before just a modification or we could say it was a trick that I use to make my skill more effective." He stopped for a while to smoke this cigarette. "Actually my power needs a lot of energy to use. You know when I make a big sphere and wrap us with my sphere you can't win against me because I'm like God inside my sphere, but because it consumes a lot of energy, I just can't maintain it for 2s and more than that I must be killed by my own power."

I'm a bit surprised about that. He also thought chief power is really overpowered, but it is true the bigger your power is, the higher cost that you need to pay. "So, you can't fight more 2s?"

Chief nodded, but after it he shook one's head too. "Yes or not it depends on how creative you are to utilize your power. It would be useless if I make it to wrap, that's why I modify it. I make a smaller sphere and make a rule inside that small field which can affect the outside too. Can you guess what rule it is?"

Sena realized there is one rule that can make this happen. "Gravity rule? Wow that was brilliant."

"Good answer. Thank you for your compliment, I think I'm brilliant too, but sometimes it kinda bothers me. Okay, and that is what I mean about your creativity. Actually compared by rebellion this organization is more like a school to develop all of our member power and help them find a way to make their power stronger and more effective."

Sena nodded his head. He finally understands why a dozen of them is enough to beat a battalion force that was placed in G-ruin. "The 2nd?"

Chief opened the document and gave it to Sena. "There is a translated prophecy that was left by an ancient script. You can read there about your true powers. Your power is limitless, it means there are thousands, maybe more, powers that you could have." Maybe because he seems somewhat difficult to understand his explanation, he explains it in more detail. "I mean you're not karbij, precisely you've all the base of the power in this world. For example fire power base, you've got it too but in a very small percentage like 0 point something."

Sena opened his eyes widely, he still could believe what he had heard. "Seriously?"

Chief takes another document and gives it to Sena. He lit up his cigarete again and looked at Sena seriously. "Yes I'm serious, we've no time. I hope you can activate your power as much as you can. But for the first one you should activate your fire power first, Chang will be your tutor. Actually this is related to the last thing that I want to tell." He smoked again and continues. "I wish you could teach Chang how to be a real girl. I mean I think she likes you and she started to change in the past few days. She is the only girl here, that was what made her don't know what girl is, that's also the reason why she didn't get mad when you grabbed her breast before." Sena shocked, he don't know chief pay attention to that I also don't know she change when she is with you, Maybe because you are new man who ever she meet before, it made her feel something different from you, and I think it's good for her, So please help me to change her.".

Sena is a bit suspicious about this. "Can I know why you looks like know and care to Chang that much?" Chief glared at him.

"She is my daughter!"


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