SENA — Man who will rule the world
4 The Training Star
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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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4 The Training Star

Sena bow and go out of the chief's room. He still can't forget what the chief said before about Chang, who is his daughter. That fact surprised him a little, even more the fact the chief has seen Sena grab his daughter's chest. "Ah, I wish he never thought I wanted to molest his daughter for real." Sena couldn't imagine how scary a chief is when he got mad, and the fact about his power also made him more scary.

Sena was looking around to find Chang, but he couldn't find her anywhere. He just wanted to give up and go back to his room when suddenly someone grabbed his back. He turned, that's a girl who is finding for. "Hei, I was looking for you earlier. Where have you been?". She just smiled answering Sena's question. "Hei?"

Chang pulled Sena to follow her. She brought him to a big room that was full of training stuff. Sena thought it was a gym here. "Chief, call me just now, right away after you left his room I came from the opposite that's why you can't find me."

Sena nodded, he got the point why he couldn't find her. "Ah, that makes sense. That's why I can't find you before." Sena tries to look around, this gym has a complete facility. "Why did you bring me here? Do you want to start tutoring me?"

Chang turned, and gave Sena a beautiful smile. Sena gets blushed seeing her beauties. "Exactly, Chief ask me to immediately tutoring you about mastering fire element mastery." She tilted his head a little. "Why did your face turn red?"

Sena can't answer it, he just looks away to respond to Chang's question. Damn, she's just too cute and charming at the same time! And she is still asking why I turned red. Is she really that innocence? he taught. Sena walked past her and avoided staring at her. "No, nothing ok you can start tutoring me."

Chang was following Sena from behind. She was walking faster, walked ahead of Sena, and turned. "Sena, I'm really happy. You know why? This is the first time the chief trusts me tutoring someone." She looks very happy. "Even though there are many seniors who use fire magixx too. He chose me!"

Don't know where that courage came from, Sena pat Chang's head. "You know I think about it too. I'm sure you're the best tutor that can teach me how." Chang holds Sena's hand. "Eh? Why?"

Chang shakes one head. "No, nothing. I just thought this hand was so warm." Chang put Sena's hand that she's holding to her cheek and moved it softly, making it look like Sena caressed her cheek.

Sena didn't say anything. He doesn't know what response he should use. All this awkward thing makes him remember about something that was minded by Chang before. "Chang? What is magixx?"

Chang let his hand go. "Is the chief hasn't told you?" Sena shrugged his shoulders. "Hm, magixx is our special power, and the energy that we use for using magixx caleb magether or we can say it as MT." She started tutoring about the basics of this magixx thing.

Sena tries to listen to all of the information that Chang explains carefully. He thought Chang is really good at teaching. She can explain simply and easily to understand about all of this matter. "Ah, I know so we need to meditate and focus ourselves to see MT in our inner."

Chang gives Sena his thumb. "Yes that's the point of our practice today." She grabs Sena's hand and brings him to the corner of the room. "Come and sit here. You need to focus your mind. And see through your inner."

Sena does what Chang asks him for. So he tries to close his eyes and dive through his inner. Chang continued to give him a direction while he was diving. "If you already diving to deep inside your inner you'll see a really dark place there." He nodded. "Now you've to find a little bright spot there."

Sena walk around that darkness follow a Chang's direction. She told him it was actually a room that hasn't have a light, so he need to found any bright spot there and brighten up. He continues to walk and tries to focus more, and then it happens he finds it. It was really small point, but it was the brightest thing he can find here.

After get close to that bright point, he try to touch it. "Don't touch it." He stops. Chang stopped him in the right time. "That's the bright spot that I really mean. But you can't touch it like that. It would disappear when you were done. So now try focusing yourself to your index finger and then you point at that brightspot, if you succeed it should be brighter." He do what Chang said.

Suddenly that room became warmer. Sena tries to focus more on that spot. "It's not the time to enjoy this warm thing." He focussed all his mind to his index finger and once more he pointed at that bright spot. He succeeds in that brightspot becoming brighter and other things that bright spot becomes red and starts to glow more and more.

Now he can see all how the room looks. It is just a room with some meditating place at the center of the room, and there is a stair which can bring him down also the door locked. "Sena, came out."

He heard Chang was calling him.

Sena opened his eyes, Chang was standing in front of him. "How?" He told her about how the room looks. "Hm, I don't know but I thought you would find the key in that room first." He thought the same, he nodded. "And about the stairs, the deeper you down, the greater power you'll get." Chang snapped her finger, the ring of fire appeared to him. "how? Want to try using your fire element?"

Sena was excited by Chang's offer and thought he was prepared for this. "Sure! How?"

Chang was smiling and snapped her finger once again. The ring of fire became bigger. "Try to feel all of this heat and synchronize yourself and then you will know what you need to do."

He closed his eyes again. Goes to the room that he just found. And sitting in the center of the room and starting to meditate. He feels that heat now, it's like the heat comes to him and gets close to him.

He opened his eyes, and walked past Chang and got close to that ring of fire. He touched it. A second after it suddenly the ring of fire was sucked into a point that he touched. After all the fires sucked, the point that he touched before solidified an flaming object and started down to the floor slowly.

All the flame that wrapped it started to go out. After a few seconds the flames are gone and leave a solid object there. He picked it, "This thing is like an egg." He laughed.

He just turns and wants to show it to Chang, but suddenly the egg starts to crack. He was panicking, he didn't even do anything. When he wants to put back that egg, something out of it. It was a little chick wrapped by fire complete with its eggshell cap.



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