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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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5 Chosen by god


Sena shocked! A chick that is wrapped by fire is already weird and now it also can say 'papa'. He tried to touch it. That chick rolled over his hand like it was asking him to play with. Sena laughed, he didn't care if it was weird or not, but this chick was really cute.

Chang got close to Sena slowly. She tried to call him. "Sena! What — " She can't continue. She is surprised with a creature in Sena's hand. "Phoenix!"

Sena lifts his head up and looks at Chang. "What?" He didn't understand what really happened. Chang was standing there and didn't move like hitted by a freezing curse. "Hey? Hello?"

Chang tried to control herself. She sighed. "Phoenix! It was phoenix!" She pointed to a little chick on Sena's hand. He was surprised with what Chang had said. "I'm sure it was phoenix, where it comes from?"

A little phoenix on Sena's hand staring at Chang. "Mama!" Sena was surprised he thought that phoenix can say papa only, but it can say mama too. Chang steps forward to get closer. She takes that little phoenix from Sena's hand. That little phoenix doesn't offense.

Chang was patting its heads. She really loved that little phoenix. Sena smiling looked at that beautiful living portrait. Chang lifts her head and looks at Sena. "Sena, I thought we needed to give him a name."

Sena that wasn't ready was confused, what names were suitable for that little phoenix. "Wait? Him? How could you know that phoenix is male? Can he tell you?" Sena tilted his head.

She laughs, she explains to Sena all she knows about phoenix. Sena felt a little embarrassed knowing his knowledge was still very limited.

Chang said phoenix was a mythical creature and it just only one phoenix existed in one era. Phoenix is also known as a god in many world myths. And more phoenix doesn't born but reborn.

Sena nodded, knowing he can understand how special phoenix is. "Ok …." He stared at that little phoenix. "Hey little boy, how if I call you Chicko." That little phoenix looks happy about his new name. He jumped happily in Chang's hand.

"Chicko, Chicko!" He still jumps around while calling his own name.

They heard someone applauding behind them. That is the chief. "Congratulations to you two." He steps forward, and still gives them applause. "Don't you ask me why I congratulated you?"

They look at each other, and Chiko also copycats them. "Yes, of course, why do you give us applause?" Sena looks at a chief who is bowing his back to see Chicko closer and patting him with his finger. (And Chicko looks like he likes Chief too, he still jumps happily while calling his own name.)

A chief smiling heard Sena's answer. He lifts his head and looks at Sena. "This phoenix is you and Chang son." Sena and Chang were shocked. How could they have a baby? They even didn't do anything. Chief laughed. "Yes it is, this phoenix(Chicko looks mad and pecks his finger), I mean Chicko(He jumped happily again) was born from Chang's fire and Your soul." Chang just wants to say something but Chief stops her. "Wait let me finish my explanation first. Phoenix was reborn and not born,that was right. But to be reborn there is a condition that should be fulfilled."

Chief goes to the corner and sits on the bench there. Sena followed him while Chang was busy with Chicko who ran around asking her to play with him. "The condition is he needs an holy flame and part of his soul, and today that condition was fulfilled. Chang actually had a special flame that she also didn't know about, actually her fire can be used to purify contaminated objects. It was a holy flame. And part of the phoenix soul was caged inside your bodies." He took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. "You look at a door in your inner room, am I right?"

Sena was surprised. "Yes it is. But the room was locked." He explained to the chief what rooms look like in detail.

Chief nodded. He opened a file that he brought. "It was written in ancient script, you need to cultivate yourself and go deeper, you say there is a stair right? If my deduction was right you'll find a key for the next room in one of the floors below that room."

Sena looks at Chicko that plays with Chang, they look like they really enjoy their time. "Chief how could that phoenix soul was inside me?" He turns his head and looks to the chief.

Chief sighed and closed his documents. "I also don't know why. The one that I know is all things need to change. We already fall in a dark era where humans with higher power press the weaker." He looked at Sena. "Actually I also want to know how this world works. How could you become the chosen one."

Sena looked away. He laughed. "The chosen one? You know what, this chosen one was dumped by his family just because they thought I'm a karbij." Tears streamed on his cheek. "I know I'm not karbij, but I thought karbij also has a right to life equal to others. They became karbij not because they asked for it, and who were we untill could judge them as a karbij."

Listening to Sena, the Chief was smoking. "I also have the same opinion. But I have no power that could change that." He held Sena shoulder. "But, you're different. You had a chance to change all of this nonsense. You could help them, they who are always treated as worthless, they who are called karbij."

Sena still looks at Chang and Chicko is playing chase. He loves to see them, they look like they really enjoyed their game. "Where does the rule about karbij actually come from? Why should our ancestors make that caste system?" He sighed. "Just if the world was full of peace and equality, I think life can be more fun and priceless."

Chief was looking at them too. "You know, there is a myth once the phoenix has reborn, the one he chose would be the king of this world."

Sena stood up confidently.

"I'll swear in the name of all the karbij in this world. I'll climb to the top, and erase all that rule. Humans are equal! Whether they have a magixx in them or not."



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