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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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6 Level up!

Chief stood up and came to Sena. He held Sena's shoulder and put all his hope on him. "I don't know why. But, I have faith in you that you can change this." He patted Chicko's heads and walked out. Suddenly he stopped for a while. "Sena needs to become stronger. There are still 12 mythical creatures out there which can be taken by our opponent. I don't know how much myths soul that lives in you." He turned his head. "They will be really influential in your final battle. But you can be a bit relieved. Phoenix is 1 of 3 strongest myths." He turned his head again and continued to walk.

Sena looks at the chief back. "So there are still 12 more which may be taken by our opponent." He comes to Chicko and Chang who still play chase. He patted Chicko's head. "You're really strong, is that right? So I'll count on you too from now on."

Chicko rolls again, he runs around Sena. "Chicko! Chicko!" He suddenly lay down, Sena and Chang were worried about this. They come and see Chicko condition. "Chicko sleepy." Chicko slept.

They were laughing at Chicko's cute acts. Chang takes a Chicko slowly and pat his head. "He really does a child thing. Playing around like he has unlimited energy, and then he lay down on the floor while sleeping like that." Chang looks at Sena. "I'll bring him to put him in my bed room, can you train by yourself first?" Sena nodded, she smiled and walked out to bring Chicko with her.

Sena went to an open space in that gym. He sat cross-legged and began his meditate. He dive into his inner once more. He arrived in the room inside his inner. Don't want to waste a time he starts focusing his mind to feel all existence which exist in that room.

He was surprised. When he succeeds to focus, he feels like the pressure in this room was increased. It's hard for him to just stand there, his legs beginning can not hold his body. He gave up, he released his focus, and fell limp. The pressure start became normal. He opened his eyes and went back to his real sense.

Sweat was streamed by his entire body. He was really tired, he lay on his back and staring at the ceiling. He just realized that room was really unique. If you stare at a ceiling, you'll find a giant screen which feels all of the ceiling in that room. For now it was showing a beautiful blue sky although it is rainy outside. Sena thought maybe it's meant for all the users who use this facility can enjoy practice  in any condition.

After he feels better he wakes up, He remembers his purpose to be here and it's not for fooling around. So, he stood up and —. 

"What is this?" Sena felt something different had happened to him. He feels like his power has doubled maybe a third. He wasn't sure about that, but the thing that he can make sure is his body feels really light.

Sena immediately tried his new power, he tried to move and jump around that room. He was really getting an abnormal increase in his physique. He stops. "Seriously, the pressure that I get before can increase my power this high. God! I should tell Chang about this." He just wants to go meet Chang, but he remembers something. He remembered she was accompanying Chicko. "Ah, I think I will tell her later." He turn back, he thought what he should do while waiting Chicko and Chang. "Oh … I almost forget this, I'm too happy with my increased physical power. I need practice to use my new magixx."

He went back to the open space that he was practicing before. "Ummmm … If I'm right, They always focus their mind before doing this. But how to focus your mind without falling to your inner?" Sena getting confused. What was taught by Chang and also the Chief was just how to focus his mind and dive to his inner. He tried to remember the time Change used her magixx. "Hmm … I can't get it. She just stops for a moment and snaps her finger."

Suddenly some idea came inside Sena's mind. "Ah, I forget it, it may be the same with how I focus my mind to feel any existence around me like in my inner before." He tried doing that. He focussed his mind on everything around him. It's different from before, if in his inner he felt the pressure suddenly increase, it would not happen here. After focusing his mind, He can see the world from a different perspective. He sees many red dots around him. "I thought I'm success but how to use this?"

He tried to touch one dot near him. When his finger touched that dot, The dot suddenly burned. "Yeah, I've got it." The other thing that he knows, it seems like all the dots around him can be controlled by his mind. He can pull or push it, force it to go up and down, etc. When he tried to collect all those red dots and touch it, it exploded. "Wah, I can use this in this instant way. But how could a large ring of fire like Chang's done before."

Sena couldn't think of any ideas anymore. He thought it may be just because he was too tired. So he clear up everything near him and go take his clothes. "Better for me to get rest too. I don't know if using magixx is draining my energy this much." He remembers the Chief's magixx. "Now I can understand why Chief can really die if he uses his magixx more than 2s." He imagines how strong the Chief his magic has no limit. "It should be cool. Although it was scary I think a little dot in my brain was hoped for that magixx."

Sena continues to walk out of that room. But before he left he heard a sound from the screen he passed by. He turned back and take a look. "Wow, this was cool. Ah there is a reason why I just could make a little explosion with my magixx." He looking at all information in that screen. "Nah ... Normal human, I think this is better than karbij. I'm join a right side." He smiled.

Member development


Name. : Sena Ekeya

Age. : 19

Before \u003e After

Phys. Level. : 0 \u003e 3

Str. : 0 \u003e 2.5x

Int. : 0 \u003e 2.5x

Dex. : 0 \u003e 2.3x

Agi. : 0 \u003e 2.1x

Crit. : 0 \u003e 2.0x

Magixx level. : 0 \u003e 1

You can manipulate a trigger of your element within 1.0 metres.

*The result of your phy. power was shown as _._x. For example, if your agi is show 2.0 it means you've 2.0 times faster than a normal human.*

*The higher magixx level you've reached, the longer range that you can manipulate.*


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