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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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7 The Brotherhood

Somewhere which is called X-District.

The man walking casually passed by a group of people with scary faces who lined up on that street district. "Hey! Who are you? You look really rich." He was looking at the man who was talking. "Where are you looking at? Are you looking for death huh! I'm Onyx 8th man in this district."

That man stopped, and walked over to Onyx. "Where's Hugo?". Onyx didn't answer. "I ask you one more time. Where is Hugo?" Onyx still closed his mouth. He glares at Onyx, it was a glare that can make anyone freeze just by looking at him. "You say I'm looking to die? Because you're the 8th man in this district."

He chokes Onyx and lifts him up. Onyx really can't move, he can't even make any sound, This man glares before wad really freezing him. "I even kill your boss with one hit, and you say I'm looking for death. This is your bad day. I'm not in a good mood. So just die." It was fast, nobody knew what actually happened, suddenly all Onyx's body was turning to ashes.

All the people there were shocked by it. They can't even respond to that. The silence wrapped that area. "Hugo! I'm not in a good mood. I'll count to 3 if you haven't out. Don't blame me if I kill all — " He stopped. "Good! I thought you know right what will happen if I really count."

Hugo came out from one of the houses there with 5 girls who accompanied him. "You! Sure I know, what do you want?" He glared at that man. "I thought the kingdom doesn't care about me already." He looked around at all the people around him. "You guys get inside your house and don't go out!" All the people there immediately entered their home following Hugo's command.

"What do you want from me?" Hugo was sitting on the bench near him. "I don't understand, Why do you need to come here? And more you killed my 8th man."

That man takes a step forward and walks over to Hugo. "Hugo Ekeya! Your man is the one who is looking for trouble with me." That man also sat on another bench. "The kingdom need you to get rid of someone." Hugo narrowed his eyes. "That karbij! Son of the king concubines."

Hugo tilt his head. "Did I misheard? The latest information that I've got,  he was dumped and will be used as a guinea pig." He laughed. "A shameful prince!"

That man turned and glared at Hugo. "Never call him prince in front of me anymore. He is just a disgrace for our kingdom." Hugo was a bit surprised by that man's response. "He was dumped from the royal family and would be used as guinea pig. It was right, but suddenly he was saved by a rebel, he was really an idiot to join that rebel, if he still stays at the lab, at least he will still be alive."  That man woke up. "You know what? I could ask the king to dump you too if you can't kill that karbij, but I think I prefer to kill than just throw you from the royal family."

Hugo knows that man never uses a 'kill' word as a joke. He doesn't know what he should do. "Give me a minute to think." That man shakes one's head that means he doesn't want to wait. "Ok, but I have some problem that makes l can't do your command."

That man looks really mad. "What's that? Don't waste my time!"

Hugo tries to explain the condition.  "You know? I'm still in my sentence. I can't go out of here. I thought you need other guys to help you." Hugo looked away, He was really scared to see that man face to face.

That man takes a step forward and chokes Hugo. "I thought you remember this clearly, I don't like refugees. Just do what I've commanded you." That man threw Hugo. "I think you know how scary I am. About that sentence I already ask the king to revoke that." He turns back. "So you don't have any reason to refuse my order!" He continues to walk and disappears.

"He is just too strong! What was done by that idiot until made them targeting him, it is impossible if just because he joined a rebel." He tries to wake himself up. "One karbij that join a rebel will have no effect for their power." He looked to the place where that man had disappeared before. "But it's okay. I also have a grunge to that fucking boy."

He called all the people that he asked to get into their home before. They were out and come to him. "What happened boss? Who is him? Why does he look down on us." They are really curious about what really happened in their district just now.

Hugo looked around and explained the situation."I've got an order to kill someone. Is better for you guys to don't know who that man is. Just one thing that you should know about him, he was really dangerous, and compared with him I'm nothing, so if you meet him coincidentally, just do what he wants. Almost all of you see how he killed Onyx right." He sighed. "But, I also can't guarantee you will live after meeting him although you do what he wants. As you see before he is a bit crazy, he can kill someone just because he was in a bad mood."

They nodded, they still remembered what that man said before when he killed Onyx. He said he was just in a bad mood, that's why he doesn't give Onyx a chance and kills him just like that. "So, what do we need to do, boss? And who the target is?"

Look at all his subordinates he smiles. "Thanks to all of you guys, for me you're not my subordinates, more than that, you're my family. Let's end this fast and back here to have fun together." Hugo looks around. "Yeah I thought this is why I named this group 'The Brotherhood'." He laughed. "Our target name is Sena, the dumped prince."

All of the brotherhood members shouted. They were excited to hear what plans were prepared by their boss. "Ok, our first plan is!" They were waiting for their boss' first order. "Let's take an Onyx ashes and give him a proper burial for his preparation to go to the afterlife." They nodded, this is why they follow Hugo. He really considers them as his family.

"Just wait Sena! I'll come and kill you!"

Sena doesn't realize the danger has approached him soon.


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