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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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8 Air Jump

Today, Sena was going outside with Chang and Chicko. They want to train in a new atmosphere. "Hum … I think that mount is good. How about that? It should be nice to train in the fresh air." Chang nodded, and Chicko ran around Sena and Chang happily. "Ok it decided then. Let's go."

Chicko ran ahead of them while shouting happily. "Chicko … Chicko … Chicko!". He's too excited going outside, this is his first time leaving their base.

Sena and Chang laughed seeing Chicko's cute behavior. "Chicko be careful, don't run to fast." Chang starts to chase Chicko. She's really fast, she can get close to Chicko within a few seconds.

Sena just shakes his one head. "Yeah, so what. She's phsy. level was reached 15 and it made her have 6 times stronger than a normal human." He thought about his own phys. level. He sighed, he just realized it was harder to increase it when you've reached level 8. It's already been 1 weeks since he reached level 8 and he hasn't had any development until now. "Ah, I wish I could increase my level today. My magixx level also gets stuck in Lv 4. Huh." He ran to catch up with them.

They arrived at the place that they wanted to go. "Finally! Sena, Chicko, let's put our luggage below those three." They nodded and followed Chang to put their luggage. "Now, what should we do?"

Chicko ran around and flapped his wings. "Ah, I thought Chicko already had his own plan to practice."

Chang smiled. "Yeah, I think you were right." She looks at Sena. "So how about us?"

He looked away. He is still not familiar with this condition. Chang is the first girl who wants to communicate with him. "Ah, maybe we can get sparing to warm up." He realized he just misspoke. 'Damn! What just  I say?'

Listening to Sena's ideas, Chang became really excited. "Wah, you right! That is a good idea. Let's do it!" She turns to look at Sena face to face, and then she steps backward. "Be ready!"

He can't retreat now, Chang was ready with her attacking position. "Ok!" One thing that he can do for now is try to avoid Chang's attack. This is actually not the first time they got a spare, and not even one time Chang gave Sena a little mercy. Chang is always serious when it comes to fighting. She really becomes a different person when she is in her fighting mode. That's why many members in the Rebellion call her Ms No Mercy.

Sena remembered, every time he sparred with her he was always beaten by one hit. That's why now he decided to avoid her first attack. "I'm ready." He takes his step and jumps to the left.

Chang smiled, she stomped hard on his feet and drove forward really quick. She got close to Sena just in a few seconds. She released her fist and directed it to Sena. "I've got you."

It was just a second before Chang's fist hit Sena. But like he could do a double jump, he jumped in the air and changed his jump direction upwards. The thing that is more surprising for Chang is, he can move more fast than before. After avoiding, Utilizing his falling momentum, Sena directs his fist to Chang.

Chang surprised, when her feet hit the ground, she immediately jumps backward with all one's might. She succeeded in avoiding Sena's fist. His fist was hit the ground.


That area was full of ashes because of that explosion. Chang tried to clear her sight, but when the ashes were starting to thin out, Sena was already jumping to her and directing his fist at Chang. Chang hasn't avoided that. She thought it was already late to avoid, so she prepared his palm and released her fist to accept Sena's. Their fist was crushed, and it made a little explosion that made a big pressure on the area around them.

Sena was bounced far enough after their fist was crushed. "Damn! it's hurt." He tried to wake up. He saw Chang was still standing on his position. "Really! I can't even make her shift." He walked to Chang.

"Nice one Sena." Chang approached him. "How could you avoid my first blow? I see you jump in the air, and you move more fast. How could you do that impossible move."

Sena sat down. "I just use my magixx to make an explosion in my feet." Chang is sitting too. "Hum, it's like I've got a jetpack at my feet."

"Brilliant! I never thought about it. You right! We can use it as an accelerator." She admired his brilliant idea.

Chang's compliment makes him shy. "It's nothing. I still can't beat you and more I can't even push you." He looked away.

Chang stands up and walks. "Come! See this one."

Sena wakes up and follows her. He looked in the direction that Chang pointed. She pointed at the place where she had stood and received Sena's first before. There are footprints that shift in the ground. "Eh… Can I make you sift?"

Chang looks at Sena. "Yeah, I'm not sure but I think the reason why your level was hard to increase compared to others is because you've got a bigger limit in your phys. power."

"Hum… Ah.. You're right. It makes sense." Sena nodded, he finally could understand what was actually happening. "Eh do you forget about something?"

Chang also just remembered about that, they tried to look around looking for Chicko. "Where is he? Chicko!" Chang shouted.

"Chicko … Chicko …" Chicko comes from above.

They were surprised. "Chicko! You can fly." Chicko was answered by flying around them happily.

"Chicko … Chicko …"

"Go and practice more. I'll also train here and become stronger, after that let's change this world." Listening to Sena words, Chicko became excited and flew around.

"Let's go!" Sena asks Chang to start. 

When they were busy with their training, they suddenly smelled something that was really sharp. It made them feel dizzy and gradually lost their consciousness.

"Good night!"


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