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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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9 2nd floor

Sena opened his eyes, he was in his room. "Ah, Is that a dream?" He woke up and went out of his room. "Why so silent here?"

He walks and tries to knock on others' doors. But nothing. No one answered, he panicked. He ran to the hall room. "Thank God!" He is relieved they're all there. But something was weird here, he was going inside.

No one who looked at him, all of them was focusing to see what's in the hall stage. Sena follows the direction of their gaze.

Sena was surprised about what they were looking at. He doesn't care about anything now. One thing that he knows, he should go to the stage. Some people try to block him. "Move!" He pushed them all and is still moving forward. "Wha — what happened to her."

Chang lay motionless on that stage with Chicko who lay on her. "It's okay Sena!"

"What's okay! She is lying here and can even move." He cried. 'Just if I am stronger.'

A Chief grabbed his shoulder. "It's okay Sena. She's just sleeping." He sighed. "An enemy was attacking you and her with poison. When the two of you lost consciousness they tried to inject you with a deadly poison." He patted Chicko's head. "Luckily Chicko was there he sacrificed himself to protect you and take you two escape, but they didn't give up. They shot that deadly poison to you. Chicko succeeded to avoid it but it was too bad that the shot scratched Chang's skin. A little of that poison was injected to her and made her get into critical condition." He patted Chicko once more. "We really need thanks to Chicko, he can alleviate the effects of the poison. But it really drains his energy. That's why now he just lay down on Chang. They held each other to survive."

Sena hugged them. He cried, he felt really useless. "Who is the prodigy? Who is the chosen one? I'm nothing. I can't even save them." He hugged them harder. "Forgive me. Forgive me!" He continued to apologize while he cried.

Chicko opened his eyes. "Papa." Sena patt him. "I will save mama, go and beat them. They must have an antidote for this poison." He closed his eyes again.

"Chicko you can talk." Sena was really surprised. This is his first listen he talks like that. "But how? I'm too weak!" Chicko hasn't answered, it looks like he lost consciousness.

A Chief hit Sena. Sena was thrown quite far by his fist. "Who are you? Are you really the same person that wants to change the world order? Are you the same person who wants to make a home for a normal person called 'karbij' by them? And are you the same person who was called papa by Chicko!" A Chief was choking him and lifting him up. "Bring back your common sense! You already brought all of our hope! Your life is not only your life anymore!" He threw Sena back to the stage. "If you are not strong enough, go train yourself, don't make it a reason for your cowardness!"

Sena thought about all what the Chief has said just now. 'He was right, why I'm becoming a coward like this.' He wiped his tears and looked at Chang and Chicko. "I swear I will save you two. Just wait for me a while." He wakes up and goes out of that room without turning back.

A Chief looking at his daughter and Chicko. "I will make him worthy to be a ruler!" He turns back and looks at the Rebellions. "I order all of you to find as much information as you can about our enemy! 'The brotherhoods'." He covered Chang and Chicko with a blanket and went out to follow Sena.

Sena was meditating in the gym, he dive into his inner. "I'll start from here." He tried to focus his mind inside that room. He felt all the pressure that was out of that room. The pressure is still increasing, more and more. "No I can't give up here! I need to be stronger! I live not for myself!" He continues encouraging himself.

After a few minutes, the pressure that he felt was lowered by itself. "Ah, finally I can beat this." Sena opens up his eyes and looks around. "What!" That room changed. Everything in that room disappeared. "What the — where is everything that was on display before." He sighed. "Ah, I don't care. I need to go down and increase my level quickly."

Sena went down the stairs, he did even imagine this stairs would be this deep. After a few minutes he arrived at the end of the stairs. He takes off from the stairs and goes to the only light  in the room.

He touches the fire and brightens them up. "What the … " that room was really big, big and also too small to describe that room. "What do I need to do here?" He tries to focus his mind and take some energy for his phys. power.

He just tried to focus when the pressure quickly increased. He can't even hold it for a second. He forced himself back to reality. "Damn! It's so scary! What's — "

Someone pull him back to the reality. "It was 2nd floor, you weren't strong enough to get inside. If you force yourself to much, it just killing you inside" Chief was standing in the back of him. "Come! I'll train you and make you stronger!" He walked to an empty space.

Sena followed him. "What should I do?" He focused on what the Chief had done.

Chief draws a big circle using his magixx. "Come inside this circle. And try to make a ring of fire that fills this circle line."

Sena gets into that circle and does what the chief is asking for. "But my level is still too low to make a big ring of fire." He showed it to the chief, he tried to make a bigger ring but always failed.

"First time we were chatting, I think I told you to think creatively and use your power more effectively." Chief kept watching over him. "We don't have much time to increase your level until we can beat them. So the only way is to take an advantage from your magixx and learn how to use it more effectively and then make an opportunity."

"Do you know who attacked us before?" Sena tried to dig up information from the Chief.

"The underground community who called themself as 'The Brotherhood'." He lit up his cigarette and sat on the bench.

"Ah, That's you Hugo!"


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