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SENA — Man who will rule the world
Author :callme_K_
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Sena sat beside Chang and Chicko that slept on her. Sena caresses Chang's hair, if there is a regret in his life, it is the time that he can do anything until Chang and Chicko get hurt like this. "Just wait for me awhile, I'll beat them asap and heal you."

Chicko moved his head slightly to look at Sena. "Papa." He is really weak now, he even can talk like before.

Sena was sad seeing Chicko like that, Chicko that always running around happily, but now just even moving his head to look at Sena, he needs to use all his energy. Sena patted his head. "Don't worry I'll back asap and bring the antidote then we can play together again." Chicko closed his eyes.

Sena goes out of their room. Chief was waiting outside. "Have you finished?" Sena nodded. "Ok, follow me."

They went to a meeting room, there were some people who would accompany Sena to do this mission. They get inside that room and meet them. Chief looked at them and sat.  "Maya, Sara, please Introduce yourself to Sena." Haya and Hana nodded. They looked at Sena and bowed. 

"I'm Maya Axelrod, a shadow magixx user. You can call me Maya, Nice to know you." Maya is a stunning girl with blue eyes, she's around 5'4.13" in height with white skin and perfect bodies. She uses a grey tank top that combines with a black harem pants and slave sandals.

"I'm Sara Kobayashi, a shadow magixx user too. You can call me Sara, by the way we're an assassin." Same with Maya, Sara is beautiful too but in a different way. She has an asian face with black eyes. She's around 5'2.35" with a body that tends to be skinny. She uses a black tight shirt with a black pleated mini skirt and a white sneakers.

Sena has a little surprise knowing their role, but he understands why they could be an assassin. Looking at how they looked like the enemy will be hard to believe they have an intent to kill. The only thing that Sena doesn't understand is where they hide their weapons. "Hum … Okay, I'm Sena. Can I ask you something?" They nodded. "Where are you hiding your weapon?"

They chuckled. "If you know where we hide our weapon it means you're ready to feel our weapon." 

Sena shuddered to hear that. 'They were really an assassin.'

"Ok, I think that was enough for introductions. You guys can depart. And don't forget to bring maps and all things that you need." Chief look at them intensively. "Remember your target is on X-Sector. You need to be careful there, maybe they're not too strong. But they are really clever, don't be fooled by how they look."

"Yes sir!" said them in unison.

They just want to go out when the chief calls Sena. "Sena, I need to talk with you awhile. Maya, Sara, you can wait outside." They nodded. Sens back inside and sat there. "Sena, I remember you mentioned Hugo before. Do you know about the Brotherhood?"

Sena glanced at the door and answered him quietly. "Yeah I know him, he is also from the royal family. Actually he became my only friend when we were children. But everything changed after we became adults. An Image of karbij that i have also made him has been shunned too." Sena sighed. "Actually he also doesn't care about my status. But I can't see my only friend Was shunned by them. So I stay away from him."

The chief walked around like he was thinking about something. "So how does he end the X-sector? From what you just told, it is impossible for him to do this." He lit a cigarette and continued. "So what do you think is the reason why he does that?"

Sena looked away and thought about it. "I don't know either, but it was a long story, people change right." He tried to think about any reason what may have happened?"

Chief stopped and sat down too. "People were really changed, but not with their heart." Chief looked at him and gave him some advice. "Maybe it's not like what you think. He should have his own reason."

"Yeah, maybe. Ok then, I'm leaving now. I don't care what his reason is, but he almost killed my precious. I will give him some lessons." Sena wakes up and goes out of the room. He can hear the chief say 'good luck' before he leaves.

"Ready?" Maya, who waited for him, was asking. Sena nodded. "Ok let's go." He starts to run out of their base.

Sena followed her, Compared to their bodies that we can say was perfect, not too thin nor fat, her move was really agile. If she doesn't introduce him before, Sena sure can't believe that she was an assassin. "Where is Sara? Why can't I find her." He looked around.

"She was going first to check a bridge condition." Maya talking without stopping to run. "We will join her after we get through the forest, but I think we should beat him first."

Sena looks at what Maya is pointing at. "Damn! It was a hippogriff!" Sena stopped. "Oh, I think this one is mutated by."

Maya looked at that hippogriff in detail. "I thought this is not an ordinary hippogriff, see his wing."

"That was a bat wings!" Sena was surprised. " But how? I never saw that before." He looked at Maya that answered her with the 'me too' expression. "It's better to stop first and see his response."

They just want to stop before that hippogriff flies, approaches them and points his claw at them. Sena knows he can't avoid it, he needs to fight. "Ok you are the one who asked me to fight you." He is preparing himself. "Come!"

Maya was confused about what she should do. "Maya saves your energy. Go behind me! I'll beat this monster fast." Maya nodded, he brought some of his team to find a proof.

The hippogriff flew at a very high speed towards Sena. But it was just around a second before he had stopped, it really stopped. Sena was smirk.

"Got it!"


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