Scream Acres
1 Prologue
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Scream Acres
Author :debz_diamond
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1 Prologue


There was once a man that recently moved into a house, this certain house hadn't been used for several years. But nobody knew the reason to that though.

An entire month had gone by when the man had moved into his home. But ever since he lived there, nobody had seen him leave his abode. Family members of the man started to get worried, for they hadn't heard from him since, so they called the police.

The next day, the police searched the building from top to bottom, but there was no sign of him. Immediately after the brief search, the detectives were then involved with the incident. They looked for clues to what happened to the man and to figure out the culprit who caused the problem to occur.

They eventually, found something quite shocking. It was a death note written in blood, it was found on one of the walls in the basement. "YOU ARE NEXT!! " is what the statement read. The police tried everything they could but the man was still unfound, they had been on the case for a number of months now and no progress had been made. So they soon gave up for there was nothing else to be done, the man was gone (probably dead) and there were no more clues to discover what had happened.
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It had been 300 years since "The Mystery Of The Missing Man" had taken place and from that moment on, nobody dared to step foot in that place again.

Until now.....


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