Scream Acres
2 Chapter 1
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Scream Acres
Author :debz_diamond
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2 Chapter 1

Everyone thinks that "The Man That Went Missing"  was an old rumour  to use for scary campfire stories... But what if it was actually true?


Unpacking one of her third to last boxes from the moving truck, Michaela then took a proper glimpse of her new house (it wasn't actually new it looked extremely old like it was made in the 1700s or something).

It had a coating of what seemed to be black paint, or was it navy blue? She couldn't really tell, for most of it was peeled off so it looked like a total wreck.

Once she had finished bringing in the last box, she sighed to herself for she was exhausted; she still had to start unpacking and wait for the other moving truck, for that one carried her bed and other furniture. She luckily got a text message before her phone died and it was from "the moving house company" it said that it will take another 2 hours until the rest of her stuff would arrive.
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Wondering what to do in that time, she then decided to look around her house. Most of the windows were boarded up and the ones that weren't were either shattered or caked in grime. This made it almost impossible for her to see outside the building. Every step that she took, lead to an unbearable shriek from the decaying floor boards. Mould ate away at the walls and the un-even ceiling, leaving revolting marks of where it had been. She saw a light bulb in one of the rooms but when she flipped the switch, scaly beetles came out of the socket of the light.

Disgusted by what she had seen, she then decided to go outside to get some fresh air. But as she approached the door she heard a voice whispering "I wouldn't do that if I were you".


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