Scream Acres
3 Chapter 2
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Scream Acres
Author :debz_diamond
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3 Chapter 2

@@A chill ran down her bony spine;her heart was beating like a drum, it was so loud that anyone could hear it from a mile away. She quickly turned around "w-who i-i-is there?" She nervously spoke into the pitch black darkness. But to be honest, she really didn't want to know, all she wanted to do was head for the door and escape this creepy place.

An eeire silence was the response to her question, but following that was the sound of clamorous footsteps which came from upstairs. Petrified, Michaela dashed to the crooked door, only to find that it was locked. The deafening uproar of thunder was all that could be heard from outside.

A flash of lightning managed to seep through the deformed window, it was just enough for her to see a tall,slender figure glaring down upon her with its blood red, piecing eyes. She HAD to look away for she was worried that if she had kept eye-contact with that thing for any longer, its eyes would've probably penetrated through her very soul.

But when she finally had the courage to look back...the unknown character had gone.



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