Scream Acres
4 Chapter 3 Final
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Scream Acres
Author :debz_diamond
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4 Chapter 3 Final

Letting her fear to take over, she then began to bang fiercely at the windows but they wouldn't give way. So she tried twisting the door knob that lead to outside once again, but that didn't budge either. Michaela had absolutely no idea what to do next, for her phone was dead and she had no clue where the charger was, the windows were basically indestructible, the door was some how locked and there was some kind of monster in the house with her.

Even though she felt like all hope was lost, she was not going to give up. Then an idea came together. Sprinting to the closest room possible, Michaela then got some heavy furniture that she found lying around before she had gotten there and used that to block the entrance. Thinking that she was safe she then started to relax , for there was only one entrance to the room and she had made it impossible for anyone to enter from the outside.

It had been a while since she had locked herself in the room and she had not heard anything from behind the door. But then all her thoughts were abruptly disturbed, when she heard footsteps echoing through the halls. Each step that she heard sounded louder, meaning that the figure was coming closer to where she was. Then all of a sudden, there was silence: thinking that she was alright Michaela gave a sigh of relief.

But then there were loud thuds coming from the door, it was so loud that she was afraid that the door would come right of its hinges.The banging had stopped. Once again there was silence but this time she didn't feel safe, she felt like she was being watched. She slowly turned around, only to find the mystery figure glaring down upon her,once again.

But she had nowhere to go this time. The resounding noise of her screams echoed throughout the desolate halls. After a short period of time, the ear piercing shrieks of the 19 year old girl had died out. For she had disappeared and was never to be heard of again. The only thing left of her was a death note in blood saying "BEWARE!! For you will never know when I will strike again!!"


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