Shade World
1 Life and Death
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Shade World
Author :FazNano
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1 Life and Death

Sol was a young man with his whole life ahead of him, he had just entered into high school his first day, he made a few friends a small group, weird kids all of them but he liked them.

Sol was never well liked throughout his elementary school career, then again he had 'friends' but looking back they weren't really his friends but his bullies, using the excuse that 'that's just guys communicate' but everyone knew he was being used, he himself also knew, but for him it was easier for him that way.

A half day going through orientation and getting his class schedule, Sol sat for lunch with his new friends, having a genuinely good time for the first time in a long time, albeit being a bit reserved as he didn't want to be too over the top.

It was then that it happened.

The world started shaking, it wasn't a simple earth quake, he had felt those before. This quake was different, much stronger, him and his friends ran outside looking around.

They ran into a field near the school and watched as others did the same, in a few seconds the school had collapsed, turned into a heap of rubble, screams ringing out for miles, it wasn't just the school, the parking lot and on the opposite side of the street the houses had also collapsed and a few exploded, the entire world was on fire, tearing its self apart.

Then came the fields turn to collapse, a massive sink hole took everyone standing on the field into its deathly embrace killing them almost instantly.

Sol woke up first, the situation looked horrible, everyone was still out cold, his friends nearby him were still alive with no visible injuries as well as everyone else, what looked horrible is the fact that in front of him were thousands of beasts waiting as if they knew they'd be there.

Cold sweat started forming everywhere on Sol's body soaking him, it was then that everyone else started waking up as well.

The people waking up went as far as the eye can see, the more people that were waking up, the more beasts began showing themselves, several of these beasts aura alone were putting pressure on thousands of them.

It was then that one of the head beasts spoke coldly crushing all other voices "You are all the latest batch to arrive here on the Shade World, I will explain a few things on behalf of my master. This is the Oculist continent, one of the back water continents in this world, the population is undetermined, this planet is responsible for all of the life in this sector #4456 all that die in this sector are sent here, this what you all believe to be the after life, you can procreate here, and do as you wish here, but you must be worthy, so you will be put through a trial."

Saying up to here the beast then stepped back and another stepped forward.

"You have all been placed within our Beast Kingdom territory we are the administrators of this part of the continent, this is your misfortune, here we on the Oculist continent we only take the strong, but we also value loyalty and bonds, so form your groups, they can be as large as you want, but be warned, a large group is not always a safe group, you have one hour." Speaking in a low yet resounding voice the massive bear like creature waited for the designated time to pass.

Sol and his friends looked at each other and moved away from everyone else which wasn't hard because they had 'spawned' at the edges of the massive group of people.

"What do you guys think of the situation?" Mary asks anxiously, she was a short girl with glasses, some freckles the typical nerd look.

"For now we should assume that everything that's happening is not a lie and act accordingly." This time Boris spoke, he was Russian with a big build like a bear, his arms were already the size of my thighs showcasing his power, but don't be deceived by this, he is not a simpleton, but more of a smart softy.

"I agree." Spoke out the other girl in the group, a Japanese girl named Kairu, she had long silky black hair, and medium build, strong physique and stronger mentality, though she has a large obsession with fluffy creatures, this is why she was an outcast with the rest of us.

"I'll go to." This is Eric quite the lady killer with that face of his but don't be deceived he suffers from idiot syndrome, a common disease apparent in handsome guys where they are completely oblivious when someone likes them, this made girls hate him and so he was shunned by the other guys as well all in all turning him into an outcast.

"I agree as well but who should be our leader?" Sol said, happy that everyone was getting along despite the situation, but if they were to be effective they'd need a leader, someone to make strategies and think.

"Then I'll lead for now and we will move forward accordingly." Said Boris in his his voice reverberating in everyone's ears since his voice is naturally deep, looking around everyone else seems to be thinking, Mary is the first to agree, then Sol, Eric and Kairu agreed to the suggestion as well.

"Times up, everyone the trial starts now." The beast from before came forward speaking again, along with his words all of the beasts around us began roaring in unison making the earth shake.

All around the group formation lines started glowing on the ground and massive arena style stages rose out of the ground around them.

"Pick your weapons, the goal is to win ten battles, in order to win you must kill off everyone on the opponents side, after winning ten battles you will be transported away with your group into a random place in the continental, weapons appear on stage for choosing when you go up, some of you may manifest abilities, these are allowed, Now Begin you have one day!" With the end of the speech the world trembled once more and the stages had weapons come up in the center of the field.


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