Shade World
2 Battle for Life 1
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Shade World
Author :FazNano
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2 Battle for Life 1

"We have to get a stage first and pick out our weapons before we're left with nothing!" Boris said to everyone in a low voice moving towards the nearest arena.

Everyone followed suit running onto the arena nearby.

'Lucky for us since we are on the outside of the group there are less people here and smaller groups as opposed to the center with hordes of people and massive groups.' Sol thought feeling lucky.

On the stage Boris had grabbed the war hammer, his massive physique and the war hammer complemented each other well making a perfect match.

Mary grabbed a staff, and a bow, looking very out of place holding such a massive staff and bow compared to her size.

Kairu grabbed a katana looking like a Kunoich from Japanese culture.

Eric grabbed duel swords hanging them at his waist, making him look like a quiet handsome swordsman, the type all of the girls would fall for.

Sol was last to arrive and grabbed a Executioners blade, hanging it on his back, this oddly enough looked good with his physique although he would have to get stronger and a little taller to fully grow into the weapon.

Once Sol and the group had gotten organized the first group came up, outnumbering them.

Their group was all males, all of which are adults, there are six of them, one more than Sol's group, all of them men were wielding swords they moved to surround Sol's group but Boris would not allow it, he swung his war hammer slamming it into the leading man shattering his ribs.

Everyone on both sides were visibly frightened showing hesitation accept for Sol, he was calm and also began moving, during his time in elementary school he had gone to a dojo to learn different martial arts to defend himself, but it never worked because he would always think better of it and stay his hand.

But now is not the time to merciful, Sol made his move, his eyes turning cold and murderous intent coming out in strands Sol charged at the nearest opponent swinging down with all of his force, the unfortunate man tried to block and succeeded pushing Sol back but taking heavy damage to his arms and hands making them go numb.

Following up Sol swung low while the man was still unprepared, in an attempt to block he stabbed his sword into the ground but this couldn't stop Sol's swing, the sword directly shattered after getting hit on the body.

The man who was now legless spoke crying "Please! I have family I need to get back to them, they need me! Spare me!" The man spoke begging and yelling but Sol would hear none of it.

"We all have things to protect." Sol spoke out coldly, clumsily killing the man with a slash to head, taking off the top half and leaving the bottom, the whole scene looking very gruesome.

But what Sol said had touched a string with everyone, they all have something to protect and here only one side will leave alive, once everyone had understood this fact no one else hesitated and the battle became chaotic.

The battle ended fast after that with the group who was now two men down being killed within a few minutes.

Sol's side had also taken damage but it was some cuts with Eric taking the deepest slash to the chest while protecting Mary from one of the men who had broken through while Mary was shooting.

The first battle done they got off the stage to bandage each other and take a breather, in the meantime Sol, who had received the least injuries went to a few nearby arena's and watched the battles going on, deciding on where to strike next.

A few minutes later the rest of the group had arrived next to Sol bandaged and ready to move.

At some point the group had unconsciously followed Sol as he was walking around viewing the battles.

Once Sol found an easy battle he would tell the group and they would rush up to catch the enemy before they could leave the stage.

Just like this Sol's group won the next eight matches with ease, they had unconsciously been moving more and more towards the center.

Soon on the last match they couldn't get off the stage fast enough and were stuck in a match against a group of fifteen people, a few of them having minor injuries but over all unharmed.

Ten of them had swords while the five in the back had bows.

"So you are our next prey, after we kill all of you we will have finished our tenth match." A man from the opposing group stepped forward and spoke while signaling for the archers to take aim.

By now Sol's group had gotten used to the flow of battles like these, Mary started aiming at the archers while Eric moved left with Kairu, Boris charged straight in doing wide area damage using his war hammer, while Sol charged into the right side.

Boris had three opponents, Kairu and Eric had three and Sol was stuck with four of the swordsman, as for the archers in the back they were trying to shoot down Boris as he is the only thing blocking the from being able to target Mary and take her down.

Boris charged starting with a huge swing of his hammer sending two of the three of his opponents flying a few feet, during that time one of the archers got an opening and tried to shoot Boris but was counter sniped by Mary, getting that person in the shoulder.

Like this the center fought, Boris taking down the Swordsman with Mary providing cover fire whenever an opening would open up, though most shots were missed.

On the left Eric and Kairu were doing fairly well, Eric was handling two of the opponents while Kairu already had her opponent on the ropes with several small wounds all over their body.

The problem came from Sol's side, He charged in swinging wide and slashed two of them with shallow wounds, but one of the archers had changed their attention and attacked off towards him putting more pressure on him.

The leader was also over here and his swordsmanship is very clearly much more refined than that of the others.

'I have to take down these lackeys and fast.' Though Sol but this thought had broken his concentration for a moment and an arrow fired into his leg.

If Sol falls here then the other side will receive reinforcements, Mary will die first then the others will be overwhelmed.

Sol seeing that his movements had been restricted stood still no longer moving around, pretending to be injured badly, baiting them into making a move.

"You three finish him." The leader said looking towards Sol suspiciously, he had a bad feeling about this injured opponent in front of him.

Seeing this Sol cursed under his breath at the leaders intelligence, just as the three men got within range and started slashing down, according to the plan Sol slashed out fast disemboweling all three of his opponents, but in the next second the taste of victory turned into sour defeat as an arrow broke the wind and shot into Sol's right shoulder taking his ability to move that arm.

On Boris' side he had taken down all of his opponents and was charging at the archers using one of the corpses as a shield, once he had gotten close a few arrows were stuck on his protruding legs but this did not stop him from swinging his war hammer smashing one of the archers head and scaring the others.

At this moment is also when Eric and Kairu arrived and killed the last of the archers, with all of their opponents done in they finally looked towards Sol's side, Sol was on the ground with the enemy Leaders sword to his throat.


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