Shade World
3 Battle for life 2
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Shade World
Author :FazNano
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3 Battle for life 2

"If you want him to live drop your weapons and back off." Spoke the leader coldly.

"Don't listen to hi..." Sol tried to tell them that it doesn't matter, he would kill them anyways he cant get away unless they are all dead, but the enemies sword dug in drawing a small amount of blood stopping him from speaking.

Without needing to speak to each other they all dropped their weapons and in the next moment the leader charged at them slicing into Boris' stomach dealing a fatal wound, Eric tried to tackle him but the enemy was too fast ducking and cutting Eric in half, Kairu came next, barely managing to grab him before having the sword run through her head.

Mary was the most unfortunate receiving the sword straight into her eye and out the back of her head, he had taken them all down in a few seconds.

"Now its your turn." He said turning towards Sol.

Sol on the other hand could not speak as he had long since lost his mind watching his friends get killed one after the other, and in the next moment the executioners blade started humming as Sol got up shakily.

'Power. I need power. GIVE ME POWER!' Sol feeling his blade hum screamed in his mind and in the next moment the hum from the blade became more intense till Sol swung his blade and a turbulent murderous aura shot out from his blade bisecting the enemy before slamming into the arena's shield causing the entire arena to shake and a resounding 'BOOM!" like a jet breaking the sound barrier to resound for miles in all directions.

The world went white and Sol could feel his sanity coming back, his eyes gradually clearing up, but after remembering how his friends had died in front of him he did not cry, he simply grabbed his executioners blade which was now dark red, like that of dried blood, and put it back into its scabbard.

His irises had changed color to a murky red and yellow mix and pitch black pupils, his injuries were healed and he was now at the exit of a forest, in front of him was a massive city with impressive walls giving off a suffocating feeling like a looming giant overlooking the earth.

It was also then that the information regarding the technique that he used on the stage was fully retained by him.

The technique is a unique one were the user infuses his emotions and intent into his or her blade, the more intense the intent the more powerful the slash will be, but it doesn't have to be used offensively as he could inject the intent of healing then slash healing the opponent, however doing so would be less effective than using a genuine healing magic.

"So that is what that slash was." Sol said aloud without thinking about it in amazement.

Turning around Sol bowed to the forest "Kairu, Boris, Mary, Eric if not for you I would have died, for this, I thank you, but i must move on." Saying so the grief and anger from then had lessened considerably and would allow Sol to move forward with a tempered heart and a stronger mind, despite only knowing them for a little less than a day they already had a solidified spot in his heart.

'Time to see the city.' despite everything the idea of going into a fantasy castle still excited Sol as he had always read novels and manga.

'I wonder what it'll be like!' Reaching the gate he felt a childish excitement crushed by the guard.

"Who are you and what are you doing here." The guard asked with killing intent very clearly not happy with his arrival, ' it's understandable weird people like me probably cause trouble a lot.'

"I am Sol Soluto, I've come here while travelling north." Sol said calmly and fluently not missing a beat.

"Identification." The guard said not letting down his guard for a moment

"I don't have it, it was stolen by bandits on my way here." Sol said quickly.

"I see come with me." After saying this the guard led Sol inside the wall and had him fill out several papers giving him his new identification saying "Don't lose this one" with that his killing intent dropped significantly.

Sol however, felt cheated, where was the crystal ball, the legendary identification card, instead he was given an actual normal looking identification.

Leaving the wall disappointed Sol started wandering around town, taking in the sights and understanding how the world works.

This world is one where if you want to become stronger there are two main routes.

'The first is as a Body refiner, Body refiners use the natural energy in the air to temper their bodies purposefully making it go berserk inside their bodies to strengthen them self making their bodies as hard as diamonds and fast as a comet able to destroy entire kingdoms with a flick of their finger, there are six realms, the Flesh, Bone, Blood, these three are considered the beginner stages of body refining, the last three being the, Aura realm, Domain realm, Lord real, though there are said to be realms much higher than that by the way they talk about it.'

'Then theirs the other main path of using the worlds energy to refine your soul making it incredibly powerful, so much so that a the peak a simple technique can exert enough power to crush mountain ranges, the realms here are Ember realm, Transformation realm, Elemental realm, Ethereal Realm, Earth realm, Sky Realm, here as well they talk like this isn't the highest realm.'

' Both of these paths have around the same power, though generally soul cultivators turn our more powerful at the start but late stage Body refiners dominate the stage in battles because of their superior physiques and healing power.'

Thinking through all of the information that he had collected over the last few hours Sol came up with a dilemma.

'Where am i going to get a cultivation technique?'

Without a technique even if you tried the simpler of the two doing body refinement you would still die because although body refiners just have to make the energy go berserk if done carelessly it can cause too much energy to enter the body exploding the practitioner even in the early stages.

With this in mind Sol decided to postpone it and find a place to sleep, he didn't have any money so its not like he can get a room for free, not to mention he doesn't know what the currency, from looking around people just take whatever is of equal value but all he has is his clothes and his blade both of which he wasn't going to give up.


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