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5 Mercenary recruitment and Murderous Arts 2
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Shade World
Author :FazNano
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5 Mercenary recruitment and Murderous Arts 2

"That's question is easy and hard to answer." Silvy said confused at his lack of knowledge towards his own body.

"Please try." Sol said hopefully, right now he has no idea whats the situation with his body.

"Well, to start off right now you are at the lowest rank of the Flesh realm barely in it, in other words you currently have the strength to deliver blows with about fifty to sixty pounds of force, and your endurance should let you run for a few hours continuously without getting too tired.

"As for the question of what Murderous arts are... that's the slightly difficult question to answer since Murderous arts are generally frowned upon on the continent, so not much research has been made into that path, so I can't help you their, though I have the notes of some practitioners of that route, but I can't guarantee their authenticity, meaning you can read them but the risk is yours should you try any of it." She said worriedly, if this new recruit dies from body explosion any bit of reputation her mercenary band may have had before will disappear.

"Thank you for the concern." Meanwhile Sol was feeling touched, though if he knew what she was thinking he's gladly take back his thanks in a heart beat.

"Here are the few notes on it I picked up back then, go crazy." She said leaving the notes on the counter before heading out of the HQ.

Sol with cautiousness and excitement in his heart looks to the first note at the very top of the small stack.

'Murderous arts are the culmination of your own Murderous intent dominating other intents, absorbing them and refining it into murderous energy.'

The first one sounded good and after going through the other notes from different practitioners there was one reoccurring fact.

'Your intent must dominate and absorb other intents then it must be refined into murderous energy and absorbed into the body.'

Seeing that all of the notes have one variation or other of this same statement Sol is almost certain that, that's how it's done, if so this technique is way off the orthodox radar in terms of Body refinement.

Reading over all of the cultivation notes Sol starts trying to move the murderous intent inside of him and absorb it into his cells in order to strengthen his body and refine the Murderous intent into murderous energy.

Several hours go by and yet theirs little results, only now is Sol able to just barely start absorbing small bits and pieces of the Murderous energy accumulated inside him.

Though Sol may think that this very slow, out in the world if word were to get out that it took someone less than a week to enter the flesh realm and also be able to absorb their own energy to refine and strengthen it, it would cause an uproar.

With the slow conversion and absorption of the Murderous intent, the atmosphere around Sol instantly became turbulent as while he's absorbing the Murderous energy, he can't stop it from leaking out.

A few hours later Sol opens his now faintly shining eyes, after over half a day off cultivating on that chair by the counter he had completely absorbed the murderous intent into his body, where it is being constantly refined while also refining his body in turn, stabilizing his footing in the flesh realm.

With the murderous intent converted Sol could now freely control it.

'Let's try it out!' Thinking this Sol went into the brand new looking training ground at the back of the building.

The entire training area looked like no one had ever used it, completely new looking training equipment contrasting weirdly with the old building attached to it.

Sol finished analyzing the training grounds and seeing where everything is, headed towards one of the steel training dummies at the end of the field.

Once he got within range, the steel dummy started moving to attack, this stunned Sol but he quickly regained his calm and pulled out his blade.

The Steel dummy flashed towards him at a much faster speed than anything he had ever gone against.

In just a few seconds Sol was already on the back foot against the steel dummy.

Blocking one of the dummies attacks and using the force from it to get some distance Sol infused his blade with murderous energy, this one being much sharper and more refined feeling than before, causing the surrounding atmosphere to drop several degree's in an instant.

In the next moment the steel dummy was already in front of Sol sending a fist directly at his forehead, should it land his head would most certainly explode.

But it was already to late for the steel dummy.

"Murderous Art: Killers Slash!" Saying out that chunni like phrase Sol slashed bisecting the steel dummy destroying it instantly, the murderous energy tearing through its body shattering it

Behind the steel dummy there was a wall with a deep slash mark in it nearly tearing through and into the street.

"Quite the spectacle you've shown their, especially that slash, being at the beginner Flesh realm yet being able to cut through a Intermediate level dummy, this just makes me all the more confident in your performance, I have job for you." At some point Silvy had appeared at the side of the training area and was watching Sol fighting the dummy.

"Thank you for the complement, whats the job?" Sol spoke while putting away his blade.

"This kingdom of Raila is about to go to war with Suila, they are preparing to take them over, both this kingdom and the other are one city kingdoms, Suila's army has around five thousand while Raila has six thousand, this should be a good opportunity to get a hang of the battlefields as this should be a relatively easy win for the Railans, you will be an independent Unit, for ever officer's head you bring in you will be given a minimum of ten points, the higher rank the officer the more points you get, war contribution is also given based on the affect you have on the wars balance, these points can be used to raise your standing in the kingdom or can be used to exchange for items from the military such as mounts, weapons, cultivation techniques and information, the campaign starts in one month, till then, you should cultivate and strengthen yourself." Silvy said slowly letting the information sink in, giving Sol enough time to gather his thoughts.


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