Ship among the stars
1 intro; the real one this time a far off reality, part 1.
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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1 intro; the real one this time a far off reality, part 1.

@@it was a beautiful night the moonlight glinting off water smooth as glass, was only interrupted by a solitary island. 1 section of barren scraggly underbrush covered this small land mass in the middle of a mirror like inland sea on a distant unknown planet. The sole remaining inhabitant of this planet, a young girl in a silver dress, sat hugging her knees to her chest in the underbrush looked to the sky. she looked at the stars, at the two moons that have always brought her immense comfort and sighed, her sigh contained a myriad of emotions grief chief among them. she then spoke to no one in particular, a habit she has only recently developed "chaos is fast approaching, I must take action or this, the last bastion will fall and with it everything." she stood and brushed off her rear before stretching her hands to the sky and muttering something incoherent. immediately after a blinding white flash illuminated this far off planet and this far off reality, a flash brighter than any nuclear weapon unleashed by humanity. was this flash as destructive as these ghastly creations? that answer would eventually become apparent.



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