Ship among the stars
2 Intro; a far off reality part 2
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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2 Intro; a far off reality part 2

Passing the mailbox with "GREETER" in white letters on the side Colt sighed as he pulled his old pickup onto the drive leading to his fathers ranch in the Texas panhandle 'damn he's letting this place go' Colt thought to himself as he gazed sadly at the grass flanking the road. He continued his drive towards the house as the early may sun shone down on his arm dangling from the window and reflected off the air force academy ring adorning his finger. arriving at the house he parked the old truck and stepped out his boots crunching the gravel as he approached the house "hey old man you still sleeping at noon or are you going to come greet your son who took it upon himself to drive all the way up from fort worth just to see your grumpy ass?!?!"

The screen door swung open and a grey headed old man with a bushy mustache rushed out, his speed greatly surprising for a man of his apparent age. "Colton!!!! what in gods name are you doing here? shouldn't you be chasing woman down at some honkey Tonk in the stockyards? I want grandchildren damn it, get on it." the old man swept colt up in a big bear hug then set him down and swept over his slightly wiry son with proud eyes gazing at his green eyes and dirty blonde hair from himself and the tanned skin and high cheekbones from his late wife, lingering on the scars on his face and forearm before landing solemnly on the missing ring finger on his right hand. "how's the hand?" he asked with a hint shame "It hurts from time to time but I've lived with it for so long now I don't mind it too much now." Colt replied with a hint of melancholy. his father smiled before saying "Got some beer in the fridge come on inside out of the dust".

Once inside the old man disappeared into the kitchen and emerged with two long necks he handed one to his son before indicating him to have a seat in a recliner "its good you came actually i wanted to talk to you about something". Colt took a look at his father he knew it was probably something to do with "that" and he really didnt want to talk about "that" now. "listen dad i know you love this place but i just dont know if this is what i want to do with my life right now." Colt looked staunchley at his father who replied "now Colton clearly I'm getting older i really need you back here to help out with things!" "NO, you kept me cooped up here until i was 18. dad i want to see the world and everything it has to offer, thats why i went to the service but clearly that didnt last to long so let me do me for the time being then ill come back here when I've had enough I swear" his stern tone and hard eyes seemed to reach his father as that was all that was said on the matter. they finished their beers then had one more while chatting casually, once it was time to go colt stood up and headed towards the door with his father, once on the porch he gazed out at the sprawling plains around them, 'I really do love it here' he thought to himself before going down the steps to his truck. Still standing on the porch his father called out to him "Think on what i said, about the grandkids I mean, im not getting any younger" Colt laughed before climbing in and starting it he called back "I'll get right on that soon as i get home". he steered the big truck out onto the road and aimed it south as he was turning onto the main road he was suddenly blinded by a bright white light then there was only darkness.


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