Ship among the stars
3 Intro; A far off reality, part 3 final par
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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3 Intro; A far off reality, part 3 final par

LT. Commander Kalis Savor of the Caligian republics navy, was currently at her mental breaking point. The captain and then the XO of the inter-system destroyer 'Swift defense' was rendered bed ridden by an unknown illness 3 weeks into the 4 month voyage in defense of a cargo convoy bound for a colony on the frontier of occupied Caligian space, and as the 'swift defense's 3rd in command Kalis assumed command of the ship. This in and of itself shouldn't have been any problem for her however, she was receiving immense pressure from the captain of the other defensive ship of the convoy, Captain Robert Gene of the cruiser 'Swift Heat'. Gene was an overbearing, egotistical, ass of a man who got his commission and assignment due to his close relation to a high ranking politician. Of course Kalis nor anyone else would ever say anything like this to the mans face.

At the current moment Kalis was sitting in the captains chair on the bridge of the 'Swift defense' looking at the pudgy, sweaty, balding visage of Captain Gene on the large monitor in front of her 'how can any one person be so disgusting?' she thought to herself as she listened to him drone on about course changes and the like. Kalis wasn't overly concerned about what was said due to most everything being automated anyways and the route they were set on was mostly peaceful not having much in the way of piracy, So all she had to do was relax and try not to mess things up to bad for the remaining 3 months. On the screen Gene was saying "and in summary we can expect smooth cruising for some time if we take this path that I, in my infinite strategic genius, plotted out" 'God does he ever shut up? This guy is such a loser no wonder he's been passed up for admiral so many times! I guess "connections" can only get a person so far. your navigation officer would make a better leader than you ever would' with these thoughts in mind she cracked a smile to herself.

On the cruiser 'Swift heat' the nav officer sneezed as Captain Gene was secretly delighted with the current situation, looking at the image on his monitor of a icy beautiful blond young officer who suddenly was thrust into a role which Gene viewed as FAR beyond her capabilities he thought to himself 'how lucky am I to have such a cute subordinate? look she's even smiling at me she must be smitten. Too bad she's dumber than a box of rocks, but that's besides the point, once my "surprise" arrives and I swoop in to save the day she'll be all over me. Not only that but I'll be a shoe in for admiral!!! I'm the embodiment of perfection.' Grinning like a fool Gene concluded the morning brief and cut the connection to the 'Swift defense'.

Six hours later Kalis still seated in the Captains chair was massaging her temples due to a fairly intense headache. She asked someone to get her a cup of coffee before she could take a sip of the aromatic roast however, an alarm sounded on the bridge of the 'swift defense' "Ma'am 2 radar signitures have appeared in the vicinity of the convoy!" 'ok Kalis you can do this it's your job.' "Can you identify them?" 'Just stay calm you've got this.' "Yes Ma'am they appear to be pirates." 'Holy shit this is bad but its still managable you just have to keep a cool head.' "Ma'am would you like to move to engage the targets?" 'just stay calm and think things out girl you're fine.' "No, we must defend the convoy at all costs, its the 'Swift heats' job to handle the threats." Kalis looked to the monitors to see the 'Swift heat' turn to close the distance on the enemy ships, but as they approached firing range the monitors flashed white seemed to fizzle out.


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