Ship among the stars
5 A far off truth part 2
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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5 A far off truth part 2

As the door opened Colt, not really knowing what to expect ducked into the shadows of the containers to his left. From the door emerged 4 men, one balding and on the plus side of sizing, one who just stared at the first in awe seemingly without averting his eyes or blinking even, one who seemed unreasonably pissed off for no reason given the others moods, and one who seemed scared out of his wits with shifty eyes. 'strange I wonder where they came from?' Colt looked behind them through the door that was now closing and what he saw took his breath away. "IS THAT A FUCKING SPACESHIP?!?!?! whoops." Before he could stop himself Colt shouted out in surprise! "@#%&%$^$$^ @#%%^^& #%%#!" The heavy set man in front yelled something out in an unknown language. Colt, thinking fast, pointed the handgun at the men but something seemed off. "hands up!" he assumed they would get the picture, but the man that yelled just smiled coldly "!@$@! #%^@#" again he spoke in the unknown language. 'well aren't you a confident one...' it was at this point that two things happened, first Colt recounted the men. All three of them. the angry one seemed to have disappeared, 'aw hell'. Then the second thing happened, Colt felt something cold and hard pressing up against his head. "!!%@!#%$^^." Although Colt couldn't understand what was whispered in his ear, the message was a universal one "Gotcha bitch, drop it." this was understood loud and clear! After dropping his gun the angry one policed it, searched him, taking his stuff, and finally bound his hands with some kind of cloth.

With the cold object from before, the angry one poked Colt in the back, another universal message "Move, run and I'll shoot you." After moving Colt out into the open the tubby one looked to be speaking to the group "!@#%%$% $^#(%#$" He said "!#$##%$#$%%^ $^$^&#." The fat one said something else to which the shifty one replied "!@#@%%#@$!#$^%^&*&^$% $&." The fat one shrugged and started walking followed by the one with the staring problem. When the angry one Prodded him again Colt reluctantly followed. The chubby man led the group through the large room confidently, which made Colt just a little upset 'I thought it was some kind of sick sadistic maze designed to led me to some banjos in the woods, but no this man knows his way like he was born here' eventually they arrived at a door leading to a corridor. 'Wow whatever this place is it's massive!!' as they continued down the corridor Colt took in as much as possible about his surroundings leaving nothing out, he even counted the steps before each turn, but what grabbed his attention the most was the floors which were some kind of rubberized material 'Ooooooo non-slip, I like it.' After walking quite some distance they arrived at another door which slide upwards 'nifty'.

'Can't we just shoot him out of an airlock? I think it would be rather comical to see his fat face explode in the vacuum of space.' Kalis was sulking in a corner when her violent thoughts were interrupted by the door to the bridge opening. 'well i guess there's no helping things, must keep my bearing' getting her train of thought back on track she straightened and saluted Captain Gene as he entered, however her bearing faltered a little when she saw that after Gene and his XO entered another young man enter bound and at gun point. "Sir, good to see you made it out, even if your crew didn't. If I may be so bold as to ask who is this?" She observed his strange clothing; blue colored pants of a rough looking material, pointed black boots with a strange reddish hue and a crisp white collared shirt. she also observed his scarred face and his eyes that darted about as if looking for a chance to lash out 'He looks like a tiger on a leash, and his clothes are so peculiar, is he maybe a pirate!?!?!?' Captain Gene returned her salute before slapping the back of his captives head. "A Pirate who must have snuck aboard your ship, I can see how too with such lax security" Gene said with no small hint of contempt for Kalis "I captured him in your cargo hold, skulking about planning some kind of sabotage no doubt." At this point Gene turned to the captive "Eh is that it you pirate scum, were you planning on sabotaging a ship of the republic?"

"!$#^# @$^# $%@$#@@# #@$%@$%" 'oh great the fat man is talking again, and here comes the slap' after taking the slap to his ear Colt just glared at the man 'asshole'. As soon as the ringing in his ear stopped Colt started observing his captors, all of whom seemed to be wearing the same kind of khaki colored uniform. More out of habit than anything else, Colt started looking for gold, silver, and black. His eyes went from person to person before landing on the fat man, who had the most gold on his uniform as well as what appeared to be the most pompous air about him, a quality many officers have in Colts experience. 'Him. He is in charge here or if he isn't he has the highest rank.' So he spit on him.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH, THE LITTLE SHIT SPIT ON ME!" Roared Captain Gene before striking the captive across the face with the back of his hand, knocking him to the ground and causing blood to start dribbling from his nose. 'Isn't that a little excessive?!?' Kalis was mildly pertrubed by the violence her superior was displaying, however as the Caligian republic had very loose regulations pertaining to the treatment of prisoners, she couldnt do anything. "Sir, you said you'd be taking command of the 'Swift Defense'? What are your orders?" it was at this point that all hell broke loose aboard the ship as all the individuals on the bridge were thrown to the deck by a violent shaking that rattled through the ship. "WE'VE BEEN HIT!!!!"


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