Ship among the stars
6 A far off truth part 3
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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6 A far off truth part 3

After regaining her feet Kalis looked to Gene for orders but to her surprise, he was sitting on the deck with a vacant look on his face. "Sir, what should we do?" she asked. getting no reply she nudged him with her foot. "SIR" finally he seemed to snap out of his daze. "A-ah yes. I believe that with the 'Swift defense' being merely a Destroyer and having lost the 'Swift heat' that... uh.... I.... uh... ahem.... with the current insurmountable odds...….. I ah think we should r-run." After finally stuttering out his answer he adopted a rather meek face, which disgusted and mildly enraged Kalis "so you want to abandon the civilian supply convoy that we are under orders to protect, and save our own skin?!?!?!?!?!? After all those men and women on the 'Swift heat' gave their lives for the mission, YOU, want to tuck tail and run??? YOU FUCKING COWARD!!!!!!" By the end of her statement she was beyond angry, not thinking of anything but her rage she had serious thoughts about actually shooting him from the air lock!

"Hskjerfjvfudbsdnsfd" from the side the prisoner finally spoke up but his words were completely unintelligible to Kalis, however this only served to anger her more! After sending a glare his way the prisoner shut up much to her liking "Captain we need an actual plan, and if you don't have one then this convoy may very well be doomed!" she looked hard at the Gene who, in turn, replied "If your so keen on fighting then why don't you come up with a plan then?". Not expecting this response Kalis could only blink "Well... uh.... maybe we could talk to them?" Gene shook his head in a hurry. "NO!!" realizing he was putting up too much of a fight he corrected himself "I mean no we can't negotiate with terrorists its against the laws of the republic!" Kalis frowned "So we have to fight? Ensign what kind of ships are we up against?" The ensign at the sensor panel looked at her shortly after and replied "Two Destroyers Ma'am, class 272 and 262" Kalis nodded as this answer pleased her. "Outdated glass cannons with the old armor style, still a formidable foe when attacking in groups" Kalis was actually immensely pleased with the situation for two reasons. first, that this explained why the 'Swift Heat' was destroyed so easily. The 272 and 262 classes didn't use digital displays, instead coming from the factory with outdated reinforced windows, meaning they didn't suffer from the loss of vision like the 'Swift Heat' resulting in it's destruction, probably. The 'Swift Defense' was a new 453 class destroyer meaning under the three number class ranking system created years ago with the first number being a ships armor rating out of 9, the second being the weapon rating, and the third the speed, the she could both take bigger hits and outrun her opponents albeit dish out less damage. Kalis smiled to herself 'I can win!!!'

Captain Gene was not nearly as happy with this information 'If she wins I wont just be the laughing stock of the entire navy, I may be demoted!!'. But all he could do was take a back seat now and look for an opportunity to get himself out of this situation.

Little did Gene know but his thoughts were mirrored by Coltons who, having seen the monitor realized his predicament if only partly. 'What the hell is this?? I must have gotten in an accident and am in a coma... no that's not it.' Just as quickly as the thought came to him Colt dismissed it. "@#%@!$#!#$" The woman officer said something and pointed towards the huge monitors in a dramatic manner her meaning clear "Move to attack".


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