Ship among the stars
8 A far off danger part 1
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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8 A far off danger part 1

Drip... drip..... drip.

Drip... drip.... drip.

Colt awoke to the sound of water dripping somewhere and darkness, utter inky darkness.

'Aw shit where am I now?'

Drip.... drip... drip.

Drip.... drip... drip.

"Uuuugh..." Someone or something moaned nearby, Colt turned over to try and make out who or what made the sound.

'Damn it's dark in here.' Colt strained his eyes against the darkness.

Drip.... drip... drip.

Drip.... drip... drip.

He could just make out a humanoid form curled up nearby on the hard stone ground. Colt groped around in his pockets and found the windproof lighter he always carried, flipping it open he tried to discern what was making the sounds he was hearing, in the dim light given off by the flame he could just make out the woman officer from before. Colt recalled the last thing he saw before blacking out was a huge spacecraft appearing on the monitor of the ship he was on, which then fired upon them.

'Oh she must have pulled me to safety. I hope she's okay...'

Holding the lighter closer to her he checked her for injuries, finding some minor cuts and scrapes on her face and, much to Colts dismay her right arm was dislocated.

'Gonna have to do something about this or getting out of this mess is going to be a bitch.'

Not wanting to immediately wake the woman Colt went looking for anything that could help within the cave, his footsteps and water dripping from the ceiling were the only sounds that echoed in his ears as he stumbled through the dark of the cave.

'Why would she help me? She doesn't know me and I'm not kin to her, so why help a potential enemy?' Colt tried to wrap his mind around the woman's actions which as his father would say is an impossible task.

'Why am I remembering what the old man said now?!?!?'

Recalling his father gave Colt an empty feeling deep down in his gut. Finally he arrived at the mouth of the cave which he noticed was on the side of a mountain with nothing but lush green jungle spreading out as far as he could see in every direction below, and unfamiliar stars lighting up the night sky above, three moons topped off the surreal landscape.

Colt gave a melancholy sigh. "Hell for all I know I'm not kin to anyone anymore. I might be alone in this world."

Finally he found what he was looking for a round rock approximately the size and shape of a baseball, Colt also gathered twigs and brush that looked to be dry enough to burn. 'If this is wood and it does burn on other planets that is...' Sticks, shrubbery, and stone in tow Colt made his way back to where he left the woman officer who was now sitting up right drenched in sweat.

"Oh your alive? Good, well you may not think its good here in a few minutes."

The woman just glared at Colt who could only hold up what he gathered in defeat. dropping the wood and other kindling on the ground Colt sat on his haunches and started piling it together before setting it alight with his lighter. Although he kept the fire small it was a huge comfort to the two survivors of the crash.

"Well there's no point in dodging it any longer, we will have to get around to it eventually." The woman just looked confused.

"!@$#%%^%@#$." Again she spoke in that same unintelligible language.

Colt gestured to her arm and then to himself hoping she would understand. A number of emotions flashed across the woman officers face confusion, understanding, surprise, then finally fear however she nodded as Colt moved closer to her. He took the rock and put it under her arm pit and held it there, looking up after getting things ready he saw that her face had adopted a fiercely determined expression.

'Good, she's strong she will need all of her strength to get through this.'

"What's your name?" Garnering a small ray of hope from the woman's expression Colt asked knowing she wouldn't understand, which was only confirmed by a tilt of her head, Colt gestured to himself.

"Colton." then gesturing to her. She seemed to pick up on his meaning.


"Well Kalis this is going to hurt like hell, dont go into shock please." With that he popped her arm back into socket.


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