Ship among the stars
9 A far off danger part 2
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Ship among the stars
Author :locustmindset
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9 A far off danger part 2

Kalis awoke with a start. 'Oh right the cave.' she gazed down at her arm which was now in a makeshift sling made from what appeared to be cloth torn from Coltons sleeve.

'I must have passed out after he did whatever it was that he did.' Kalis tried to move her arm but grimaced in pain, which had dramatically lessened since she had hauled the unconscious colt onto an escape craft.

'I guess the pira... er... Colton, did know what he was doing after all. Speaking of Colton.' she looked around in the meager light the small dying fire gave off for the pirate before locating him resting nearby with his back against the cave wall.

"@$$@#!@$$$#@#$ #%@#@#$$*&^^*^%$%?" The man in question noticed she had awoken and seemed to be asking her a question.

"We really need to figure some way to communicate." Kalis shook her head in frustration.

"That is assuming you don't get executed when we get out of this, assuming we DO get out of this...." Kalis couldn't help but sigh after airing her uncertainty.

She quickly perked up saying; "Luckily we were on a major shipping lane when we were attacked or we would be beyond hope of rescue."

"#%$$$^&(*)(&^%$$$%$%^*(^%." Colton replied to her with a shake of his head.

"I was hoping you would say something like that, if we can get back to the escape craft I can activate the beacon and assuming that 888 isn't still lurking about we may be able to get out of here, aaaaand I might as well be talking to myself."

"Escape.... craft." Kalis spoke slowly and made signs with her hands like something falling from high up then crashing hoping to communicate with her only company on this hostile planet.

"!@$$&&#$$)... Escape craft?" The man seemed to pick up on the general idea quickly enough.

"Yes very good we must find the escape craft and activate the beacon." this time she made flashing motions with her hands.

"@%^&*^ Bea...con." Again Colton proved to be a quick learner.

This time it was Coltons turn to take the initiative to learn he pointed to Kalis' shoulder board "@%$^?"

"My rank? I'm a Lieutenant Commander. Lieutenant Commander." She stiffened her back proudly.

"$&*^&^* Lieutenant.... Commander." Colton looked confused before holding up his right hand as if to count.

"@$%&$^^*^&*." He held up one finger then another until he had all 3 fingers up plus his thumb up.

"Oh my your missing a..... never mind. Are you asking how many ranks that is?" Kalis held up 4 fingers with an immense air of pride about her.

"@$%@%(#." Colt pointed to himself and held up 3 fingers.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?!? Are you saying that pirate scum like you holds rank?!?!? Impossible!" Kalis turned her nose up at Colts claim, who in turn could only grin and shrug at the obvious doubt she was displaying.

"Well lets get back to the crash site. Stick close if you want to live, the jungles here are full of dangerous creatures some swarmed the escape craft when we crashed, that's why I drug you out and up to this cave." Kalis stood up and turned towards Colton.

"Don't you try anything funny and maybe I can convince them at your trial that you should live."

With those words she started towards the caves mouth.

Colton followed Kalis down a game trail leading down from the mountain into the jungle below under the glare of two suns. He was naturally curious about the things around him. 'Almost like a child... but isn't the Pirates berth on this planet?' Kalis decided not to think about it too much when Colton pointed to the trees.

"Kalis #$%*^%$?"

"Trees." she replied curtly as she continued walking at a brisk pace down the trail.

"@#%^ trees."

Next he pointed to the one of the suns.

"That's a sun."

"@#^ Sun"

Thus their trek through the jungle went; Colton asking her questions and Kalis answering. The seemingly endless Q&A session allowed Colton to obtain a fundamental grasp on the language, which was quite similar to English which greatly accelerated the proccess. After many hours of humping through the dense vegetation they arrived back at the crashed escape craft, a long blocky affair with about 200 yards of turned up smoldering jungle behind it. the smell of decaying meat hung in the air, death permeated the very atmosphere.

"Commander, escape craft." Colton pointed at the wreck and used the language he was still learning but had a somewhat familiar feeling to him. "What's that smell?"

"We weren't the only ones aboard, just the only two to make it off. Razehounds got to the others before I could drag them free." Kalis' voice caught and she teared up. "I wish I could have gotten them all even Captain Gene's exec. Those who survived the landing got eaten alive and all I could do was get away carrying you."

Although Colton couldn't understand every word when Kalis spoke rapid fire he got the gist of what she was saying and decided the best course of action was to remain silent.

"But I can take solace in the fact I saved one even if you are a pirate."

"Where this beacon?"

"It should be inside, I can't imagine what those animals did in there so prepare yourself."

"Talk slower, where is it?"


"Yes but where inside?"

"In the front I think."

Colton poked his head inside the door of the craft and was immedialy assailed by the stench of rotting flesh making him gag. Covering his mouth and nose with his left hand he forged ahead stepping over the gore of a dozen mutilated corpses, bits strewn here and there. Colton scanned the faces of the dead, or what was left of them, looking for a familiar face finally finding him. Colton felt around on the body until he found what he was looking for, tucking it in his belt he called out to Kalis.

"Hey, Commander I can't find it. Describe it." 'Instructions not clear dick caught in toaster.' Colton smirked at his own thought.

"Small and box like, shit you don't know that word yet, its square. Screw it I'll come find it."

Colton soon heard the sound of retching coming from the rear of the crashed spaceship. Finally Kalis made her way to the cockpit.

"You ok? you look a little green."

"I'm fine shut up!"

"What? I dont understand what you say when you get excited."

"I SAID here it is." Kalis held up a small box about the size of a modern smartphone.

"This will put out a signal that will tell the republic navy where we are, so we can get a ride off this shit hole."

"That's great Commander! How long until we can get out of here?" Colton asked with some trepidation

"Well that depends if someones close, as little as a few hours, if no one is nearby as long as 2 months. But we will get out of this..... assuming we survive that long." Kalis replied nervously.

"Well thats great news."

The pair heard a low primal growl from behind them.


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